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Salesforce’s AI Technology Will Empower Your Empire

We all know that Star Wars revolutionized the film industry through its advances in technology. Salesforce, the cutting-edge CRM vendor, has similarly changed the enterprise software game with its commitment to technological innovation. This year, software and computing websites have been abuzz with news of Salesforce’s newest tool, Einstein. Salesforce Einstein consists of artificial intelligence features that improve the efficiency of sales and marketing teams.

Though many manufacturing and distribution businesses consider AI as the dark side of software, it offers considerable advantages to the workforce. Gartner predicts that AI will create many jobs by 2020, countering the fear that AI will lead to detrimental unemployment rates and replace workers with robots. Additionally, AI helps employees work smarter by adding sophisticated predictive and analytic capabilities to your arsenal.

Here’s an overview of Salesforce Einstein’s trailblazing CRM tools:

Salesforce Einstein

Einstein Opportunity Insights: When salespeople aren’t sure of their next move, they can take advantage of this tool to make smart decisions. Einstein Opportunity Insights not only analyzes historical data but also parses through email threads and customer engagement to determine the state of each deal. This helps salespeople realize which deals are moving forward and concentrate on the ones they are most likely to close.

Einstein Vision: Searching for company mentions on social media is a cinch for marketers, but finding pictures of logos or products proves more of a challenge. With Einstein Vision, marketers search for these images in the same way they search for text. By using AI algorithms and its capacity to recognize two million logos and 1,000 objects, this tool makes marketing a little bit easier.

Einstein Intent and Einstein Sentiment: Computers are good at a lot of things, but understanding sarcasm is not one of them. Salesforce introduced Einstein Sentiment to better understand customer inquiries, even those that include sarcasm or complex phrasing. As the name suggests, Einstein Intent has a similar purpose as it helps programmers understand the intent of inquiries. Together, these tools make it easier to automatically route leads, personalize marketing campaigns and prioritize customer service inquiries by taking advantage of customer data from Salesforce CRM.

Einstein Object Detection: This is the tool which helps Einstein Vision find brand-related images by recognizing so many objects. Developers can train Einstein Object Detection to work for your business. It’s sophisticated enough to recognize not only objects but also details such as quantity and size. Besides helping manufacturers on social media, this feature can also measure share of shelf in a store or identify models for customer service calls.

Wrap Up

Datix is proud to be a certified partner of such a forward-thinking vendor. Datix and Salesforce are a perfect match, as we are both committed to innovation. Nothing illustrates Datix’s commitment better than Unity, our flagship integration solution. Our one-of-a-kind tool connects a variety of software instances, such as CRM and Epicor ERP, into a streamlined system that enhances efficiency and transparency throughout your enterprise.

Do you have the force—the Salesforce, that is? Contact Datix for the enterprise software solutions that will help your business reach the stars!

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