Integrating eCommerce with ERP and CRM

eCommerce Integration with ERP and CRM

Meet Customer Demands with Software Integration

Growing customer demands leave no room for error. The internet should serve as a tool for growing your business, not as a means for customers to rail against your company on social media after a botched order. That’s why you need more than eCommerce; you need an integrated software platform. We’ve discussed the advantages of implementing Magento eCommerce to create an optimal online shopping experience, but this is only the first step to achieving excellent customer service in our digital economy. Check out our overview of how integrating eCommerce with ERP or CRM software increases your company’s efficiency by automating processes and decreasing human errors.

Decreasing Human Errors

By integrating Magento eCommerce with Epicor ERP, Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, you ensure that your company won’t become victim to human error. What if someone enters in the wrong sales order from Magento into Epicor ERP? What if someone transfers incorrect customer information from Magento into CRM? Integrated software eliminates these concerns by making credit information, ship-to locations, sales orders and more automatically available, not just on Magento, but throughout your system.

Having all of your information in one place means no more time wasted manually transferring data between systems, duplicating data entries, correcting costly mistakes or dealing with backlash from unhappy customers.

Increasing Efficiency

Imagine the increased efficiency your company will experience with integrated software. Gone are the days of emailing different departments for data you need to complete a task; integrated software stores all data in one place, allowing your company to work as one team, not as departmental silos.

One benefit of storing data in one place is that employees won’t need to exhaust themselves or make mistakes searching different places for data about a single customer. Instead, customer data from Magento will automatically be available in your CRM suite. This gives your marketing team valuable information about buying patterns and demographics, which enables them to create targeted campaigns hassle-free. With campaigns and discounts allocated to specific customers, companies can maintain strong relationships with their customers.

Automating Processes

The efficiency of integrated software goes even further than providing employees with access to data. When you integrate eCommerce with ERP or CRM, some processes don’t even need employee intervention; your software will take care of it. For example, Magento will have access to inventory data from your ERP suite, so your website can automatically advertise that a product is out of stock. Real-time product updates give customers accurate information that ensures an easy shopping experience. With automated processes, employees can cut out enormous amounts of time on small tasks and double their productivity.

Contact Datix

The best way to ensure a successful software implementation is to contact a trusted consulting firm, and there is nobody more trustworthy than Datix. As a Magento implementer, we can equip you with the eCommerce solutions your company needs to build the perfect web store. But that’s not all: with Unity, our world class integration platform, Datix can connect Magento eCommerce with ERP or CRM to create one streamlined system. Datix has 20 years of experience in delivering solutions that meet each company’s unique needs. Our expert consultants won’t abandon you after implementation; we offer end-to-end service because we know it’s just as important to have a successful implementation as it is to carefully upgrade and maintain your system to keep up with the fast-paced marketplace. You will always be on top of your customers’ needs with Datix and Unity.

Wrap Up

Though Magento’s eCommerce software includes several tools that enable companies to build a functional online store, an integrated enterprise software suite is the only solution to provide an optimal customer experience. Targeted discounts, real-time product updates, accurate orders—your consumers can enjoy all that and more with integrated software.

For premier solutions in eCommerce and enterprise software integrations, look no further than Datix. Contact us today to learn more about how Datix can empower your company to provide optimal service to your customers!

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