How Your B2B Company Can Gain Brand Advocates

brand advocatesSo your company is not Coca-Cola you’re a B2B distributor, you sell aerospace components or manufacture rubber and plastics. How can your company gain brand advocates?

Brand advocates, says Social Media Today, are defined as individuals that promote and embody a brand’s core values and ethics. External agents promote a brand, which can result in boosted sales and awareness for a company, and are 50% more influential than the average customer. Successful e-commerce retailers know the difference between the two, and effectively implement social commerce strategies to transform the average customer into a lifetime advocate of a brand.

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Community Involvement

We all know it feels good to help others. Some even propose we might be hard-wired for giving. Creating a strong community bond will strengthen and foster goodwill internally and externally when people learn about your company. Find an organization or charity that fits with the message of your company for further brand resonance.

Employees as Brand Ambassadors

When your company actively encourages and fosters online social conversations, your brand will reach a larger audience. While the particular subject matter might not appeal to everyone, sharing updates on social platforms of events your employees have attended for instance can reach a broader audience.

Conversation Facilitation

Calling someone on the phone is great. Having a face to face conversation can be even better. In those times when that is not possible it is vital to stay connected. Having conversations with customers or other companies via social platforms including Twitter or Facebook can be a great way for others to get a better feel of your company. If potential customers see your company as open, honest and easy to engage with on all levels they will be more likely to talk highly of your company or offer referrals if need be. Starting a user group or industry professional group on LinkedIn can be another point of contact.

Let us know how your company creates brand ambassadors.

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