3 Ways Tech Savvy and Personable People Improve your Business

No stereotypes here. Our tech savvy team is just as comfortable coding as with presenting business development strategies. Learn more.

tech savvy-business-friendlyAs is often stereotyped, technical individuals are more comfortable coding in a solitary room than interacting in a business meeting. While that may hold true in some cases, our employees offer the best of both worlds.

Datix employees are hardworking, technically savvy with a high level of business acumen.

From day one, Datix has focused on cultivating a team of incredibly talented “tech geeks” who are comfortable in any business setting. We are a fun, smart group and we have MBAs, 6 Sigma Greenbelts, CPAs, marathon runners, MMA fighters and photographers. We like to think that our wide range of interests and skills make us a better team. Above all, the employees we hire have a passion for software and for understanding each of our client’s business requirements. This means we understand more than the basics and instead delve into the core of what will save a company money and make them more efficient overall.  We focus on:

  1. Continual Training: To ensure our technical skills are up to par, we continue to acquire new certifications.
  2. Personal Advancement: Self-study and guided learning are the norm whether you are in marketing and sales or are a .net coder.
  3. Solution Driven Results: We believe you can always find a way to solve a problem more efficiently.

What makes your business a success?