How Safe is Your Data in the Cloud?

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The Truth About Cloud Security

Today’s enterprise is faster and more connected than ever. One reason for this improvement is the massive shift from on-premises legacy systems to cloud suites and integrated hybrid systems. Yet, many remain pessimistic of cloud capabilities since usage largely involves migrating sensitive data beyond the company’s control. Many also argue that cloud computing opens enterprises up to cyber security threats. So, how safe is your ERP, CRM, eCommerce or integrated system in the cloud?

Benefits of Cloud Computing 

Before we get into the safety of cloud-hosted software, let’s go over some of the reasons why more businesses are choosing the cloud. The adoption of cloud applications has greatly benefited the majority of those that choose to deploy it by allowing enterprises to become increasingly connected with value chains, partners and customers. Cloud technology enables volumes of sensitive data to migrate through a large number of touch points in order for machines to capture and repurpose it for operational use. Data also updates instantly throughout multiple locations of your enterprise, increasing speed and visibility.

Since cloud computing is flexible and agile, computing and storing astounding amounts of data is a completely hands-off process. This eliminates a lot of the manual work on-premises systems require. Plus, cloud systems are more affordable and generally easy to configure, making them ideal for small and mid-size businesses.

Safer in the Cloud

Another major but often over-looked benefit of cloud computing is its security. Many fail to realize that data is usually much more secure in cloud systems than on-premises. Cloud systems offer multiple access points for connected users where the passage of priority data in certain areas can be designed to resist entry. On-premises systems use a single-entry server to move all of the data. This can be risky as big data grows and control becomes nonexistent. The cloud can also work as a data warehouse. In the case of system failure, cloud suites conveniently back up data in real time, whereas on-premises systems are prone to deleting all data in the event of a crash.

Most importantly, with cloud software, experts are monitoring your data at all times, detecting suspicious activity and enabling rapid recovery. Cloud software also updates automatically, providing you with new patches to protect you from the latest threats. Epicor ERP, for example, is standardizing cloud deployments on the Microsoft Azure public cloud, which follows the most stringent security practices and leverages the best technology to detect threats before they wreak havoc on your enterprise.

On-premises solutions, on the other hand, require a mountain of work from your IT team, which is responsible for updates, security and maintenance. This can make ERP impossible for an SMB that lacks a robust IT department. Even for large enterprises, this work can prove taxing for managing multiple instances or global servers, putting your data at risk. Cloud software is the easiest and safest choice for modern enterprises of all sizes

Having said, the truth is that no matter where you host your enterprise software—in fact, regardless of whether you use enterprise software at all—there’s a chance that sensitive information will be leaked. This risk largely comes from your users. An astonishing 90% of employees violate policies designed to prevent data breaches. To mitigate this security risk, draw up documentation that communicates risks associated with everyday user activity. No matter what system you use to manage your data and processes, ensure each user adheres to the policy and understands that every email, message and document they send is susceptible to hackers. 

Wrap Up

Cloud systems don’t just make manufacturers and distributors faster and more connected. They mitigate security risks to help your data stay safe. The possibility of a breach can never be eradicated 100%, but with a trusted cloud provider and a policy that enforces safe user practices, you can feel confident that your sensitive information will remain untapped. 

Still not sure? Send our experts a message about cloud software, and they can talk you through the process. Datix is an Epicor Platinum Partner with over 20 years of experience helping manufacturers and distributors with their enterprise software. We’ve deployed a variety of on-premises and cloud-hosted ERP, CRM, eCommerce and integrated systems, so we understand the cloud’s advantages and how to mitigate risk. Contact us today! 


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