How Does Epicor ERP Improve Manufacturing Performance?

Epicor ERP Manufacturing Performance

3 Ways Epicor Boosts Manufacturing

According to Panorama’s 2018 ERP Report, the primary reason manufacturers seek out enterprise resource planning solutions is for improved business performance, but are ERP vendors delivering?

When it comes to manufacturing ERP, one vendor is a step above the rest: Epicor. Epicor’s strong architecture and innovative technology transforms manufacturing processes to give you more bang for your buck (in other words, generate an ample return on your investment). In this piece, we explain why manufacturers can count on Epicor ERP to revamp their entire enterprise.

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All-In-One Solution

Unlike other ERP systems, Epicor is a unified solution designed specifically for manufacturing success. Rather than compile an array of disjointed systems, businesses can utilize Epicor’s all-in-one solution. Epicor combines supply chain management, planning and scheduling, production management, financial management, human capital management and several other modules and suites into one system. A connected software platform means that automated workflows can be enacted throughout your business to efficiently push out products and services.

The benefits of gaining all this in one ERP instance are huge. A fully connected enterprise enables total visibility, ensuring that manufacturers have insight into all operations at all times. This also reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by simplifying processes. The entire system is constructed with compliance and global business management in mind to streamline not just your headquarters’ operations but manufacturing practices in any location around the world.

Furthermore, the flexibility of Epicor’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) allows for integrations with top-of-the-line third party systems, such as Salesforce CRM or Magento eCommerce. Integrations allow manufacturers to consolidate their back-end ERP data with front-end information to drive even more efficiency and better decision-making.

Data Analytics

The key to unlocking smarter business strategies is data. Epicor takes advantage of innovative data analytics tools to ensure that manufacturers not only compile data from every facet of their enterprise but get the most value from it. Machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and business intelligence (BI) tools gather real-time information from your equipment and processes to detect inefficiencies, maintenance concerns and multiple performance metrics to enable manufacturers to fix problems and make improvements before they hurt your bottom line.

With the most recent versions of Epicor ERP, manufacturers have more insight than ever. Epicor 10.2 includes a new home page with an embedded BI solution, Epicor Data Discovery (EDD). Users can gain a quick overview of functions or drill down into specific datasets and key performance indicators (KPIs). By personalizing their homepage, employees easily engage with the data most meaningful for their specific tasks. Epicor 10.2.500 also includes AI and IoT technology for deeper insights. 

Data analytics isn’t just for real-time visibility. Using predictive analytics features, historical data can be leveraged to plot your next business move. Epicor maps geographic, demographic and seasonal trends, allowing manufacturers to enforce robust demand planning principles. Forecasting becomes a lot more accurate with Epicor ERP.

Lean Manufacturing

Sophisticated data analytics can also help manufacturers reduce waste. When you can accurately forecast consumer demand, you can order enough materials to satisfy customers without accruing excess inventory. But this isn’t the only way Epicor supports lean manufacturing. Epicor offers an array of flexible Kanban flows to support pull production and provide downstream suppliers visibility into future demand. These options enable manufacturers to put in place whatever Kanban flows they need to reduce inventory, monitor production and cut down on waste. With Kanban functionality, businesses can become more cost-effective while satisfying customers.

Wrap Up

When all is said and done, the sophisticated features in your Epicor implementation will deliver better customer experiences and put you ahead of the competition. Epicor knows that discrete manufacturers and value-added distributors are on the lookout for tools to increase their business performance. With advanced technology and comprehensive functions, Epicor ERP empowers businesses to strengthen their operations.

But as we point out time and time again, manufacturing success isn’t just about finding the right vendor; it’s about enforcing software best practices and aligning your ERP instance with business goals. Datix has been in the enterprise software game for 20 years, delivering a wide range of solutions and services to manufacturers. We know how to implement software on our clients’ schedules and budgets and are committed to maintaining their systems throughout their software journey. It’s our dedication to excellence and premium service that has earned us Epicor Gold Partner status.

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