Get the Most Out of Epicor ERP Dashboards

Epicor ERP Dashboards

What Are the Advantages of Epicor’s Dashboards?

Anyone who has gotten behind the steering wheel of an older car has probably noticed some major differences between old and new models. One area of improvement in automotive technology is the dashboard. The dashboards of earlier cars usually consisted of no more than a steering wheel and instruments that showed speed, fuel level and oil pressure. Twenty-first century vehicles have decked out dashboards with a variety of tools. Temperature control, entertainment systems, gauges and other controls are now on our displays to customize our driving experiences. But it’s easy to imagine how dashboards can become unwieldy. You may have been behind a dash with a confusing control panel, an unusual layout or a mess of unnecessary instruments.

Just as a car’s dashboard can make or break your daily transit, an enterprise software system’s dashboard can make or break your work routine. Complicated or rigid software dashboards render your system unusable, and what’s the point of ERP if it’s not going to be used? Functional dashboards make it easy for employees to use software to drive revenue. Here are our tips to getting the most out of configuration options and built-in features of Epicor dashboards.

Problem: Rigid Dashboards

Nobody wants to spend inordinate amounts of time sifting through a bunch of information that has no bearing on daily tasks in order to find the data necessary to complete crucial job functions. This problem can result from rigid interfaces. Sure, one of the perks of enterprise software is having data centralized in one platform for all departments to access, encouraging collaboration and transparency. However, you don’t want data that you only need now and again crowding your screen and making it difficult to access information required for day to day functions. Furthermore, data shouldn’t be presented in a format that’s indecipherable or unfamiliar to the user. Inflexible dashboards create numerous problems, but companies also shouldn’t take up time and money to build their own dashboards from scratch.

Solution: Epicor’s Functional Dashboards

Epicor ERP comes equipped with built-in dashboards, but their flexibility makes them configurable for individual users, making it the ideal solution for small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors. Prebuilt dashboards cover the most common business roles and contexts. Inquiries, workbenches, BI, ad hoc reports, business monitoring—all these capabilities and much more are at each user’s disposal. With different configuration options, users can prevent all this information from becoming a hodgepodge on their desktops. Employees can determine which visual indicators and functions provided by Epicor are most meaningful to them with an easy-to-use touch-enabled interface. Users can develop their own workbenches, employ trackers to move easily through detailed datasets, personalize the size and placement of components and choose how to display data from over 40 chart types.

In the ERP market, Epicor’s configuration options are unparalleled, enabling easy, comprehensive user experiences which drive productivity.

Wrap Up

Functional dashboards aren’t just a necessity for ERP systems. Top CRM vendors Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce also include robust dashboards which allow members of your sales team to easily modify their individual dashboards, organize sales goals and track their progress. Both systems allow the user to refresh the dashboard to view up-to-the-minute data that enables accurate decision making.

To get the most from your enterprise software, Datix built Unity, an integration solution that connects a variety of software, including CRM and ERP. With integrated software, Epicor data is available for all dashboard functions in your CRM system, streamlining business processes and improving productivity. Unity also mitigates risk and takes the headache out of debugging and error handling.

As an Epicor Platinum Partner with 20 years of experience, Datix has the tools and expertise to unleash the full potential of ERP and CRM dashboards. Contact Datix today to learn how to drive your business to greater success!

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