Field Service ERP Yields Exceptional Functionality for Manufacturers

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As technology advances, improved functionality and scalability are continuously added to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Robust ERP systems include not only experienced, reliable technology but also industry-specific capabilities.

One example of these high-end ERP features that maximize manufacturers’ competitive advantage is field-service. In an industry that depends on extremely technical aspects, manufacturers must be reactive without sacrificing productivity or cost-effectiveness. Therefore, organizations can integrate field service capabilities that result in a competitive edge and increased profits.

Infor CloudSuite Field Service, for example, is a fully integrated, end-to-end ERP solution that allows your business to ensure all your stakeholders–customers, subsidiaries, partners, etc.–have access to timely and accurate information, giving your organization the ability to improve relationships and increase your competitive edge!

Access Real-Time Data from Anywhere

The decision-making process for the efficient use of resources is oftentimes extremely difficult without immediate, field access to data. With remote data access, your technicians can increase productivity and eliminate downtime by quickly making decisions from work order locations. CloudSuite Field Service provides data on the following (this is by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Past inspection readings
  • Parts availability
  • Unit and service history
  • Account contract status

In addition to data accessibility, field service connectivity is available on any device. In this way, your technicians don’t have to lug heavy devices from job site to job site. They can access relevant data (work orders, service tasks, schedules, etc.) from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Access to real-time data from any location at any time allows your field technicians to become trusted advisors and strengthen relationships with customers!

Improve Scheduling

Basic ERP software has planning and scheduling capabilities; however, these capabilities are not up to par when it comes to scheduling field technicians. The ability to schedule technicians based on where they’re located, they’re specialties, and their availability lies exclusively with field service ERP.

These scheduling functionalities allow businesses to stay ahead of customers’ evolving demands within limited arrival window. Not to mention, elevated inventory status insights with advanced field service scheduling.

Seizing the competitive advantage through robust planning and scheduling with field service capabilities has never been easier (or as practical).

Improve Customers’ Experience

Your business’s productivity doesn’t need to be tied to hiring more employees. Field service capabilities show a consistent and proven ability to increase profits by completing more service orders. These field service functionalities also improve invoice generation by sending detailed invoices directly to customers which eases the experience for your customers.

Businesses can manage customers’ information, like sales history, which is especially helpful in the sales process. Minimizing the time that employees spend handling issues and fixing problems allows organizations to build and maintain relationships with customers, thus improving customers’ experience and retention.

Moreover, Infor provides these custimizations to its customers. It is developed, integrated, and maintained for your business in-house while a staggering amount of ERP vendors source field service modules from third-party providers—improving the customer service YOU receive.

Wrap Up

Improving manufacturing operations and creating a more customer-centric organization is made easier with ERP field service capabilities. Infor CloudSuite Field Service is a reliable, robust solution that will transform your business into an industry leader.

That being said, here at Datix, we recognize the difficulty of software implementation. That’s why our expert consultants are ready to help you transform your business through software! We’re a certified Infor partner with over 20 years of software and business experience. Our dedication to providing you with the best solutions is unparalleled, thus our consultants stay with you before, during, and after your software, providing you with peace of mind and excellent service.

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