Fast, Easy Epicor ERP Implementation

Easy ERP Implementation

Epicor Fixed Fee Implementation 

Too many businesses continue to perform crucial tasks using limited platforms such as QuickBooks and Excel. Even worse, employees are wasting time and space by stuffing filing cabinets or consolidating information from dozens of sticky notes and journals. If your manufacturing or distribution firm is still relying on these methods, it’s time to enter the 21st century with an Epicor ERP implementation. 

But enterprise software projects are no joke. They usually require money, time, technical expertise—all resources that few SMBs have at their disposal. For far too long, ERP was exclusively available to large companies. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. Recognizing the need for an ERP solution that doesn’t break the bank or disrupt your schedule, Datix designed Epicor fixed fee implementations for manufacturing and distribution. 

What are the benefits of our fixed fee implementations, you ask? Let’s break it down: 

Out-of-the-Box ERP 

Smaller companies taking advantage of Epicor for the first time need core features such as inventory management, accounting modules and scheduling functions, but they don’t require the customizations or add-ons that quickly escalate the project duration and price tag of larger ERP implementations. With our fixed fee implementation, businesses enjoy an affordable Epicor instance right out of the box to support their essential processes. 

Epicor Partner 

Why go to a consultant for an out-of-the-box system? Datix isn’t just any old consulting firm—we’re a certified Epicor Gold Partner, making us one of the elite Epicor consultants. In our 20 years of enterprise software expertise for mid-market distributors and manufacturers, we have developed a sophisticated understanding of our clients’ industries and their ERP needs. With our ERP prowess, we can launch your Epicor instance and train your users on a fixed, swift schedule so you can enjoy substantial ROI in no time. 

Cloud-Hosted ERP 

Cloud computing has revolutionized the enterprise software market, empowering more SMBs to take advantage of ERP functions to enhance their business processes. The scalability, flexibility and affordability of cloud-hosted software far exceed on-premises systems. Implementing ERP no longer requires the tremendous risk and expense of hardware installation. Datix designed our fixed fee implementations for cloud ERP because the cloud is simply the best solution for small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors—and really for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition. 

Exceptional Growth 

We know that once you install Epicor you’ll never go back. The efficiency, accuracy and automated processes of Epicor ERP will expand your enterprise and raise your bottom line. Datix will ensure that your software instance grows along with your business. Epicor’s flexible architecture provides immense scalability to support your developing enterprise. 

Unity, Datix’s pre-built integration solution, can also connect your ERP instance with a myriad of software to further streamline processes and increase transparency. Our ERP consulting experts will help you beyond your implementation, offering the necessary modifications, updates and solutions to help your company continue to flourish. 

Wrap Up 

Don’t waste more time on risky, time-consuming processes. Take advantage of our fixed fee implementations for manufacturing or distribution to reap the benefits of a rapid, scalable and robust Epicor ERP implementation. Datix’s premier ERP consultants take the stress out of software so businesses of any size can become global competitors. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions! 


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