Exciting Developments from Salesforce CRM

Dreamforce 2018

Dreamforce 2018 Announcements

Every year, Salesforce holds their four-day Dreamforce conference to inspire companies to unlock the full potential of their customer relationship management (CRM) software. The conference also serves as an opportunity for Salesforce to unveil exciting new products. Salesforce has long been at the forefront of CRM technology, partnering with global leaders such as Amazon, Google and Apple and offering cutting-edge developments to create premier software solutions. Check out our overview of some of the biggest announcements from Dreamforce 2018.

Einstein Voice

On “AI Day” at the Dreamforce conference, Salesforce demonstrated how Einstein Voice leverages Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant to automate repetitive tasks and deliver business insights. This is one of the latest innovations from Einstein, Salesforce’s renowned AI platform that delivers over three billion predictions daily.

Einstein Voice enables users to access critical data and input information through simple vocal commands. Employees receive updated metrics and schedules daily to empower them to start their day organized and informed. As voice-enabled technologies increasingly become the norm in the workplace, Einstein Voice serves as a forward-thinking tool to help users maximize their productivity.

Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce’s Customer 360 solution is designed to bridge gaps in customer experiences. Customers often find inefficiencies and inconsistencies across different channels, resulting in frustration and lost business. Customer 360 isn’t just a single view of each customer across multiple platforms. It also includes pre-built connectivity across Salesforce Cloud solutions to eradicate duplicate data and power streamlined B2B and B2C journeys. Whether you’re in the Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, you can immediately access accurate, up-to-date information to optimize customer engagement. This new solution is set to be generally released in 2019.

Sales Cloud Enhancements

Salesforce also recently introduced advancements to its Sales Cloud platform. The latest updates power greater automation and intelligence to enable faster prospecting and improved lead management. Sales Cadences equip managers with the tools to create activity sequences for their sales teams, helping employees follow company best practices. Work Queues leverage AI and machine learning to build prioritized email and call lists, so sales reps know how to follow up effectively with clients. The updated Sales Cloud platform also includes new functionality to strengthen processes such as billing, pricing, contracting and invoicing.

Wrap Up

With customer expectations at an all-time high, businesses can’t afford to let their strategies become stagnant. A critical component of constantly improving your customer journeys is investing in a CRM solution that constantly improves its features to keep up with digital innovations. Salesforce has always been a step ahead in the enterprise software marketplace, and the latest news from Dreamforce 2018 proves that the CRM vendor isn’t slowing down.

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