ERP Installation As Easy As Installing a Mobile App

ERP Installation As Easy As Installing a Mobile App

We are living in such an app-friendly world. Popular mobile apps such as Skype, Twitter and Adobe Flash Reader are so easy to download and install. What does this have to do with an ERP system?

An ERP system, when configured correctly, is a wonderful cost saving and time saving platform. It would be great to say that the process could be as simple and easy as downloading Skype one minute and calling your best friend the next. An ERP system has so many wonderful functionalities including: financial accounting, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain management and project management- it takes time to be properly trained on the system. And this will take time for the best results.

Proper training and vendor support are vital. When we say “training” we are talking about our methodology to ensure you will walk away with a useable, customized ERP system.

Prior to the Project

Knowing upfront the amount of work it will take to implement an ERP system will save you aggravation and hassle once you are months into the project. Make sure you get an accurate picture of what your needs are. Here your consulting team will be able to offer customized solutions or modules. For instance if you need integration with your e-commerce site and your ERP system.

During the Project

We walk our clients through testing and training prior to the “go-live” stage. You should feel comfortable using your system once a consulting team has completed the project. Training should take place using your specific data to get a complete feel for how your users will utilize the system. Here you will also be able to request further customization or additional hours of training.

Post Go-Live Training

Make sure your vendor or consultant will offer you additional support for post-go live maintenance and training. Not all do, so it is important to ask upfront.
Your ERP software provider might be a huge global company, but partnering with a consulting firm can ensure you will receive the support you need. This will allow you to get the full benefit of your system.

We would love to talk to you more about implementation and training. Call us today!

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