Video: Epicor Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Scribe

Watch Bryan Sapot, CEO of Datix Inc. explain the features of Datix’s Scribe Connector: Datix Connect.  Scribe is a leading CRM integration software platform. Datix offers a unique opportunity to bridge the gap in information updates between Epicor and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  With this software, you can seamlessly sync and integrate your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with Epicor.  This integration feature is easy to use and requires no coding. You can set synchronizations every minute if that fits the needs of your company. Keep your critical business data in-sync!

Examples of Epicor – CRM Integrations

  • Add a customer in Epicor and sync their information in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Sync order, quotes, invoices easily
  • Sync shipment information
  • Keep track of accounts from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Epicor


Learn More about our Software Providers

Epicor is a global enterprise solutions software provider that offers solutions best for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.  More than 20,000+ customers in over 150 countries use visionary Epicor software to effectively and efficiently automate and streamline their essential business functions.

Scribe is the leader in customer data integration with 12,000 customers and 1,000 global partner. Use the scribe connector to integrate Epicor 9 with Dynamics CRM or Salesforce to provide sales and marketing teams with important customer purchase and payment data to power more targeted and effective customer engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software applications. With solutions for mid-sized businesses,  Dynamics CRM will help you manage marketing, sales, and customer service.




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