4 Tips for Smarter and Better ERP Training

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4 Tips for Smarter and Better ERP Training

Scientists and researchers have spent years evaluating just how much people forget or remember from training.  In fact, in 1885, German researcher Hermann Ebbinghaus famously conducted a series of experiments identifying what is now called the ‘forgetting curve.’

He found retained knowledge drops off significantly within 20 minutes of a training session or presentation with 40% of information already forgotten. Additionally, he found that people forget about 77% of what they learned in six days. You could be wasting time and money on your ERP training if the good German researchers data still holds true to this day (hint: it turns out it does). The best fix focuses on what you can do to improve the usability of your ERP system.

Knowledge retention significantly drops off with time.

Focus on Results

When it comes to ERP training you do not want to simply waste your time and money on training. That is why good partners should be focused on real-world cases and not simply walking customers through stock examples, modules or functions. You should train on the system that has been created for you, with the specific daily activities you will perform.

Train for Your Learning Style

Some people did well in school by going home and reading the book. They aced every test. Others sat through every class and learned by taking notes, listening and asking questions. Still others needed to see the practical applications and learned by applying what they learned. It is important for any consulting firm to be aware and accommodate for various learning styles.

Train for Your Company

Going through stock examples without your data is fine if you enjoy self-guided study. We take a different approach. By taking you through pilot training sessions you will be using real life examples for your business. All the training in the world is pointless unless you know how to use your new system, the way you will be expected to use it. The best outcome of our training approach is that you will fully understand and get to use your ERP System during training.

Be Sure to Study

Successful ERP implementations happen when the client puts in the effort to evaluate the capabilities of the system. If you are learning as you go, the go-live process will be smoother and the “training” will be happening throughout the entire implantation process.

A passing grade in ERP training is even more satisfying than an ‘A’ on a college biology test. You will be confident in how to use your system and you will get the most return in the long-run. This also helps ease resistance to change inside of the organization.

Your take:

How has training helped you better use your ERP system? And did pre go-live training make it easier to adopt the system?


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