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We built a Scribe connector called Datix Connect,  so Epicor customers could easily integrate with Znode, Dynamics CRM and Salesforce, to provide their teams with a complete view of their customer data. Scribe Software was founded to solve a problem with business data integration. Their main business revolves around integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and data into the rest of the enterprise.

Why We Chose Scribe

  •      Easy to connect, configure
  •      Quick to deploy
  •      One platform for all customer data
  •      Connectors to relevant business applications
  •      SolutionPaks to jumpstart integration
  •      World class training and support
  •      Software Democratization

Democratization of Software

In the past few years software programming has become more democratized. GitHub, a code collaboration site, founder Chris Wanstrath explains it like this: “What we’ll see in the future is more people who aren’t programmers learning to code. Authors, lawyers, bankers – all kinds of people who don’t write code for a living will learn how to. They’ll automate repetitive tasks and build their own apps.” Scribe supports this collaborative style of programming.

How Scribe Connectors Work

Scribe Connectors work with Scribe Online to provide connectivity to a broad range of business applications including CRM, Marketing Automation and more. Connectors are created and offered both by Scribe and our partner developers.

Scribe Connectors are Easy to Create and Use

It is important to understand when creating your connector, that your code is not required to process any mapping instructions, or any data transformation formulas or have any knowledge of the source data system that is being mapped to your connector.  Connectors are simple because they only need to provide connections, metadata, and CRUD operations (otherwise known as Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete).


Connect with us today to learn how Scribe can be a powerful tool for your business.

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