3 Reasons to Integrate CRM and ERP Software

3 Reasons to Integrate CRM and ERP Software

Integrating CRM (Customer Relations Software) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software can seem like a daunting task. Perhaps the two systems should remain separate if extensive software development is needed. Fortunately, this concern is one that we have addresses numerous times during our ERP software implementations. On our end, it made sense to make this process as easy as possible for the end-user.

Ease of Use

A software connector can be a great way to integrate your data. We found that with our ERP partner, Epicor, it was best to create a connector, with cloud-based software provider Scribe. This connector is fantastic because it requires no user programming. What you get is a seamless flow of information of data between your ERP system to your CRM or even Ecommerce platforms.  To keep things simple, Scribe offers basic drag and drop field mapping to eliminate the need for custom coding and IT maintenance.  This simplifies what is often complex in cloud integration.

Be a Better Salesperson

CRM functionalities are of course not limited to the sales division. You want all your employees to enhance their internal efficiencies. This can be done by automating marketing activities or by introducing a new product. Built into a connector, like Scribe, is the ability to offer specialized sales offerings as well.  “Salespeople also need access to order and invoice history, payment history, customer’s credit limit, account balance, and the customer’s account aging information (i.e. current, 30, 60, 90 days), which for most companies is information that is contained in ERP,” said Mark Soltis of McGladrey.

Improve Execution of Customer Service

You want to use your software to reach new customers and retain existing customers. You can confidently get secure information from your ERP system to your CRM. When both sources of data are unified, you can get customer’s financial data from the ERP and use that to determine time spent with customers, cross-selling opportunities, sales cycles and other CRM functions.


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