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ERP Project-Based Manufacturing

Epicor ERP for Project-Based Manufacturing

Earlier this week, in a post covering ERP for discrete manufacturing, we explained the importance of finding an enterprise software system built not only for general manufacturing operations but for your specific manufacturing needs. For example, a process manufacturing ERP won’t do a discrete manufacturer any good because it doesn’t support the operations crucial to discrete manufacturing. Project-based manufacturers must also seek out specific functions in their enterprise resource planning system to bolster their unique processes. Here are the two features every project-based manufacturer needs from their ERP instance to hit their milestones and execute projects efficiently and within budget.

Project Management

No surprises here—a project-based manufacturer requires an especially robust project management module. Projects range extensively, from the short and simple to the long and complex, meaning ERP software must be flexible and scalable to execute the various projects that your manufacturing business takes on. Such functionality depends on sophisticated architecture, such as the service-oriented architecture (SOA) of Epicor ERP. This agile platform enables real-time connectivity and intuitive business intelligence, empowering your business with superior insight and configurable tools to face any project challenge.

Epicor knows that project management is a tremendous undertaking, involving the supervision of resources, expenses, scheduling and more. That’s why Epicor designed its project management suite to provide accurate, comprehensive data and total visibility to ensure milestones are reached. Some of the features within this module include:

  • Capability to manage even the most complex work breakdown structures (WBS), including multilevel phases
  • Flexibility to modify projects at any time
  • All-inclusive contract management to support an array of invoicing options for any billing situation
  • Mobile functionality, enabling workers to manage schedules and expenses from any device

No matter the thickness of your projects portfolio or the duration of a particular job, ERP systems should provide full insight and flexibility so manufacturers can efficiently complete any project.

Fiscal Reporting

Project-based organizations experience especially intense accounting and financial reporting challenges resulting from stringent regulations as well as budget revisions and other changes that can occur during years-long projects. To comply with regulations and meet milestones throughout a project, manufacturers require flexible, transparent fiscal reporting features.

Epicor equips users with configurable dashboards that offer personalized views of information, enabling workers to drill into the details of everything from quotes to receipts. Project managers don’t have time to shift through piles of paper reports. Epicor automates financial processes, including workflows and financial monitoring in your general ledger, payroll, tax management, budgeting, collections management, accounts receivable and more to expedite reporting. Because Epicor connects machinery and production lines to your enterprise network, data is always up-to-date and accurate. The robust reporting, real-time data and extensive visibility into financials and processes empower users to control operations to achieve revenue growth and cut costs.

Wrap Up

Project-based manufacturers can’t go without Epicor’s advanced fiscal reporting and project management tools. Businesses can leverage Epicor’s transparency and functionality to transform their operations for improved performance and higher profits. As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix is the premier consulting firm for innovative ERP solutions that support your specific goals and offer a user-friendly experience. In our 20 years of business, we have worked with a number of project-based manufacturers from several industries, including (but not limited to) transportation, oil and gas, prefabricated wood building and construction. Our experience makes us the top choice for project-based manufacturers who want to get the most from their ERP.

Datix takes your Epicor instance to the next level with our integration platform, Unity. This pre-built solution connects ERP with a variety of software including CRM and eCommerce for even more visibility and streamlined processes throughout your enterprise. Contact us today to learn why we’re the ultimate one-stop shop for Epicor and enterprise software!


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