Do Business from Virtually Anywhere with CloudSuite Industrial Mobile

DoBusinessFromVirtuallyAnywherewithCloudSuiteIndustrialMobileAccess Key Functions of Your ERP Software from Wherever 


Even when your business is based out of an office, your employees may frequently find themselves working elsewhere. But when working out of the office, your employees should still be able to access all the key functions of your ERP software solution. 


Infor CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access puts all the key functions of CloudSuite Industrial on your mobile device, thus allowing your employees to perform various roles within CloudSuite Industrial from wherever they are working. That way, all data can be viewed from multiple sites.


Further, CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access allows employees in different roles to work effectively wherever work takes them. The benefits of the application are outlined below. 


Give Executives Visibility into Your Business 


Your executives must have visibility into the success of your business, and they are required to make quick references and decisions based on that information. 


With Infor CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access, executives can make quick references into key values for cash balances, bookings, shipments, and order backlogs- all from their mobile device. Additionally, they can link to accounts payable and accounts receivable to obtain all pertinent information. 


Moreover, the app makes it easy for executives to set up specific alerts including notifications for when an order for a customer is overdue or when a specified account is over budget. This gives them quick insight into the business and allows them to quickly address issues. 


Salespeople Can Easily Meet Customers’ Demands


When your salespeople are on the road, Infor CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access allows them to easily view and edit sales data. 


Salespeople can simply enter new contact information as well as view sales orders, leads, opportunities, and contents. Essentially, it enables your sales team to streamline business no matter where they are! Plus, they can see any tasks that need to be accomplished to close opportunities by using the apps calendar. 


Specific notifications can also be set up. For example, salespeople can be alerted when a customer’s order is on credit hold, when an order has shipped, when a new lead has been assigned to them, or when a follow-up is due. With insight into possible leads as well as critical information (shipping timelines, for example), your salespeople can successfully meet and deal with customers’ demands more easily. 


Allows Production Manager to Mitigate Risk 


With CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access, your production managers are notified of problems with critical shop floor and production information as they occur. This allows them to quickly and efficiently resolve issues from any location. Additionally, alerts can be configured so production managers are notified of unexpected matters, for example when the materials issued are more than expected or when the actual labor hour posting is more than originally planned. 


Also with CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access, production managers have access to production calendar forms that allow them to view planned production for that day or in the future. Consequently, making it easier to order resources and plan future production while mitigating risk. 


Creates a Stable and Responsive IT Environment


The mobile IT functions will help your staff identify and resolve concerns that will provide a stable and responsive IT environment. 


Your IT department needs to know the status of both on and off-site solutions. CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access runs smoothly with implementation of several solutions, allowing you to create text message alerts that are sent directly to personal devices when an important service is no longer running or responding. Through the app, IT can also view a list of services being monitored on smart devices and perform tasks like starting, stopping, or restarting a service or solution. 


Wrap Up 


This is only a sampling of the employees who would benefit from Infor CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access. By implementing the mobile app, your employees will be able to perform their job from virtually anywhere while still being able to access the vital ERP system needed to excel.


Datix has over 20 years of experience with ERP systems, and we are a certified Infor partner. Our consultants will work with you to implement software that meets your company’s unique needs and helps you grow your business. Interested to see how Infor ERP and Infor CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access can help you transform your business? Contact Datix today to begin Infor implementation! 

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