Datix Attends Epicor’s Ignite Conference


This October, Epicor will ignite the enterprise software world at its annual Ignite Conference, where it will share the latest and greatest technologies and techniques to drive performance and productivity. As a long-time Epicor partner, Datix is proud to attend this year’s conference. We know that in order to maintain our reputation for offering premier enterprise software solutions we need to keep up with software development and the needs of Epicor’s customers. With hands-on education, testimonials from Epicor customers and sessions on emerging industry and business trends, Epicor’s Ignite Conference offers the insight we need at Datix to ensure that we continue to lead the way in enterprise solutions.

Datix implements Epicor ERP software because of its reputation for functionality, flexibility and scalability. Epicor streamlines the ERP experience across multiple devices and expands deployment choice, enabling your software to drive opportunity throughout your business. With one of the most robust engineering suites on the ERP market, Epicor blends processes between front and back offices, automating workflow, decreasing risk of human error and allowing users to adapt quickly in the fast-paced enterprise marketplace. Epicor’s flexible hosting empowers businesses to customize their ERP software to meet their business needs as they continue to develop.

Even with these amazing features, Datix knows that your company needs more than an Epicor ERP implementation straight from the box. Each business is different, meaning that each software implementation needs to be different to meet specific needs. Sure, Epicor ERP enables customization, but do you know how to unleash Epicor’s features to build the best platform for your employees? Do you know the best way to integrate Epicor ERP with other enterprise software? If you decide to implement ERP software on your own, your project could quickly become convoluted and over-budget.

With 20 years of experience, Datix’s experts have the answers to all of your questions and offer solutions tailored for each client. Besides providing the tools to unlock the most power from your ERP system, Datix also built Unity, our integration platform, to connect Epicor ERP with CRM or eCommerce software. Unity transforms your separate enterprise software packages into a single source of truth and your departmental silos into an interconnected, transparent workforce. By providing automated business processes and access to data across departments, Unity streamlines the supply chain, increases efficiency and mitigates human error. Unity is the key to reaching your company’s highest potential.

We can’t wait to meet Epicor sales staff, fellow partners and customers at this year’s Ignite conference! Our team of Datix experts is ready to discuss Epicor ERP as well as our CRM and eCommerce solutions with participants from across the globe. But if you can’t meet with us in person at the event, reach out to us today to learn more about our solutions.

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