Boost Productivity and Reduce Cycle Time with a WMS


Throughout a warehouse cycle, from planning to receiving, from putaway to picking and shipping, an advanced WMS has capabilities that boost productivity and reduce cycle time. In this blog, we will cover a few of these key capabilities.

Plan and estimate needs better

A WMS keeps a record of each item in the warehouse, along with who moved it and the time involved. This historical data makes it possible for executives to measure, simulate, and monitor tasks, which can lead to more effective planning. How much time and how many employees will be needed for a given task? A WMS can provide estimates that use travel speed configuration and a labor plan based on averages or historical actuals. In addition, it can dynamically monitor staff performance against engineered labor standards to evaluate how each team is doing.

Optimize space

When inventory arrives, an advanced WMS can automatically factor in user-configurable putaway rules about each product to recommend optimized pick and bulk storage locations. This helps companies better utilize precious warehouse space. Because space logistics change over time, it is important have the flexibility to adapt your system as your needs evolve. Working with a software consultant that intimately understands your business will give you a competitive advantage by helping you anticipate and prepare for these changes. With Datix as your warehouse management and ERP partner, you will always have the support you need to maximize your system no matter what tomorrow brings.

Improve picking flow

A WMS can calculate optimum pick order and the shortest path for workers in real time, allowing pickers to visit each location only once. It can simultaneously manage different types of picking zones in the warehouse, including bulk, case, piece, batch, and wave picking, to optimize productivity. Similar to how a WMS calculates the shortest path for workers, a trusted software consultant like Datix can learn exactly how your business works to determine your shortest path to success. Learn how Datix helps its clients from start to finish during software implementations or upgrades.

Cut travel time by up to 40%

A WMS compiles records of each item’s movement, and can analyze historical data, which can bring about dramatic savings. A distributor of restaurant supplies, for instance, determined its fastest-moving SKUs from order data and then strategically re-arranged its picking locations to reduce travel within its warehouse by 40%. A WMS can speed picking and fulfillment in other ways. One distributor with 100 sites achieved a 25% higher dispatch volume the first month with a WMS. Another achieved a 40% increase in units sent the first week. Another warehouse customer reduced labor costs by a thirdfrom 3% to 2% of revenue, even while sales increased 30%.

Wrap Up

With a WMS, your business can reach new levels of growth, but it must be a part of the right ERP system. A modern ERP solution tailored to include WMS features is ideal for manufacturers and distributors who want to set the standard by exceeding customer expectations for their respective industries.

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Please note: This blog post was based on the Executive Brief Four ways a warehouse management system delivers greater ROI than an ERP system alone from Infor and updated by Datix

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