Why a Warehouse Management System Delivers Greater ROI


The goal of warehouse operations is perfect order fulfillment: to deliver exactly the items a customer ordered, on time and with optimal efficiency. An advanced warehouse management system (WMS) can provide the agility that manufacturers need to meet changing requirements. It can also help create rich potential competitive advantages by supporting new demands quickly, such as rapidly increasing SKUs, flash sales, and new value-added services.

Today’s supply chain partners need a WMS for the end-to-end visibility and collaboration it provides. As more variables change, faster, more efficient, and accurate service depends on the ability to optimize efficiently—and on the fly.

Factors to Consider

How does a WMS enable greater order accuracy, productivity, and ROI? A WMS can:

  • Raise productivity and reduce cycle time
  • Improve accuracy with more detailed control
  • Increase profit with value-added services
  • Enhance supply chain results through deeper visibility
  • Boost dispatches by 25%
  • Optimize across the supply chain

Want to learn more? In our next blog series, we will be exploring the value of a WMS for manufactures in depth. Stay tuned!

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Please note: This blog post was based on the Executive Brief Four ways a warehouse management system delivers greater ROI than an ERP system alone from Infor and updated by Datix

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