How a Partner Network Benefits Your ERP


Implementing an ERP is a significant investment with midsize enterprises often spending $150,000 – $750,000, but it is one that manufacturers must make if they want to stay competitive. If you want to be an industry leader, it is necessary to have the right ERP system supporting your organization, but an ERP is not just about software. A provider’s partner network is critical to the success of your ERP solution because it determines how you will receive support and how the vendor approaches improving their system.

What is a Partner Network?

ERP vendors develop partner networks as a global ecosystem of people, services and systems. Usually, this means that the ERP vendor focuses on developing the best ERP software possible and outside ERP consultants support customers with implementing and managing their systems. These ERP consultants may be affiliated by the vendor and the customer is responsible for deciding which consultant (if any) they would like to work with.  

Personalized Support

With a partner ecosystem, you can work with an ERP consultant to receive the proper level of support for your organization. When picking a consultant, it is important to choose an organization that takes the time to learn your business and competitive advantage. The consultant should offer guidance on how to make your business systems seamlessly integrate with your software, rather than just training your team on how the out-of-box ERP works. At Datix, we take a business-first approach to offer a tailored ERP solution to each of our clients and become their trusted partner. Our team will do whatever it takes to bring your software to the next level.

A Better ERP

When ERP vendors create a partner network, they can focus their energy on what they do best: software development. Dedicated ERP vendors want their existing clients to keep up with the latest advancements in the industry and will work on developing new functionalities for their systems. Unlike other vendors, which expect customers to pay for every new module added to their system, these ERP providers will usually offer these updates as a part of their standard maintenance packages. Because new advancements are usually included in your maintenance, you save money in the short term and don’t need to replace your ERP system as often. When working with an ERP vendor that is constantly improving, it is important to have an ERP consultant that will support you no matter how your ERP evolves. At Datix, we continue to support our clients beyond the implementation phase and are always looking to help our clients take advantage of the latest developments in ERP.

Wrap Up

Finding the right ERP is about picking the right vendor with a high-quality partner network and the right ERP consultant to work with your organization. Don’t settle for a consultant that thinks that an implementation is only about installing an out-of-box ERP.  

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