Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry with an ERP-CRM Integration


Manufacturers need accurate data for everything from inventory management to capacity planning, but data entry is a huge time drain. To save time, money, and develop a more productive workforce, the top industry leaders solve data entry logistics with an ERP-CRM integration. By creating a single source of truth at your organization with a prebuilt application like Unity: Integration by Datix, you can eliminate duplicate data entry and make your systems more efficient.

The Problem with Manual Data Entry

If you are a manufacturer that manually inputs data separately into each of your software systems, then you probably already know the challenges it brings. Your team’s time is taken away from their main priorities to input data, manual input results in expensive and hard-to-find human errors, and if you give up on adding all your data, then departmental silos and information pockets appear throughout your business.

Simplify Your System

Fortunately, an integration like Unity fixes these issues by allowing you to operate out of one system so you have a single source of truth. Duplicate data entry stops because your team only needs to enter information into one place for it to be accessible to everyone at your organization. A survey of Unity clients with SMBs indicated that Unity saved their organizations, on average, almost 50 phone calls, 500 emails, and approximately 50 hours of work every month! Unity is the best prebuilt integration on the market because it was designed for manufacturers and is fully scalable, with a track record of over 150 million records processed. Our Unity Support Team manages your application so you can focus on what you do best: delivering valuable products to your customers.

Wrap Up

An ERP-CRM integration like Unity allows you to maximize your software while simplifying your business processes. As the most affordable integration software on the market, Unity is rapidly deployable, easy to use, and has a proven track record for transforming businesses. Find out more by reading how to Save Money & Increase Profits with an ERP-CRM Integration.

Choosing your integration partner is just as important as choosing your integration. At Datix, our consultants take the time to understand your company using our business-first approach so that we can find the best possible integration solution for your organization.

About Datix

As software solution experts for 25 years, it’s our business to drive results for your company. We plan, implement, and offer support after you receive your working integration. When you partner with Datix, we act as your long-term consultant to remove the hassles of software management and provide guidance as your business needs evolve with your growth. 

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