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Epicor ERP: Better Enterprise Performance 

Competition in the manufacturing and distribution industries continues to intensify in the wave of globalization and modern technology. Consumers are bombarded with options from all over the world, and they have the power to research and compare companies and products right at their fingertips. How can a manufacturer or distributor possibly win over buyers under such pressure?  

The answer shouldn’t come as a surprise: Focus on improving multiple areas of enterprise performance. But the key is that you must implement comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology to boost operations from end to end of your organization. Today, we explain what makes Epicor ERP a premier solution for optimizing manufacturing and distribution strategies.   

Dashboards and Trackers 

A frequent challenge faced by manufacturers and distributors is the inability to easily track their enterprise’s performance and processes. They often turn to ERP to solve this problem, but sometimes this doesn’t do the trick. Not all ERP solutions are alike, and unfortunately some of them come with clunky interfaces and limited tracking functionality. Epicor ERP stands above other systems because of its sophisticated dashboards.  

Epicor dashboards cover the most common business roles out of the box, enabling users to track a variety of critical metrics, such as production and inventory levels. With version 10.2, the vendor unveiled an all-new homepage with business intelligence (BI) tools built directly into the interface to give users powerful insights at a glance. Each employee can easily configure the page, choosing not only which data to display, but also the chart types most appropriate for drilling into data to improve decision making. Epicor delivers robust tracking features and reports right before your eyes to help you always stay on top of your operations 

Planning and Forecasting 

Gaining the upper hand in a fast-paced marketplace requires a proactive approach to managing business processes. This is where Epicor comes into play, leveraging both real-time and historical data to take the guesswork out of planning for your organization’s success. Real-time statistics help you detect lapses in performance and respond quickly to changes in your supply chain or customer orders.  

To develop strategies for enterprise growth and future demand, you can take advantage of predictive analytics, which transforms historical data into a snapshot of where your business is headed into the future. Epicor detects demand patterns for every product, ensuring that you don’t have a shortage of materials or flooded warehouses. You can also use “what-if” scheduling to analyze potential bottlenecks before finalizing your plans. With Epicor, your users can sleep easily knowing they’ve made critical decisions based on data rather than hunches. 

Efficiency and Insight 

Far too often, manufacturers and distributors cultivate a silo mentality, with each department implementing a separate software platform and taking care of issues on its own. This inevitably results in breakdowns in communication, data collection and processes as every department goes solo on its own system. Epicor transforms departmental silos into an interconnected enterprise, uniting a range of modules and features in one place.  

With financial management, supply chain management, quality management and other modules encompassed in a single solution, users have insight into every corner of the enterprise. When users can attack areas of waste and inefficiency as a unit, problems get solved faster. Plus, data stays more accurate and organized, as data from across departments is entered uniformly into one platform, rather than duplicated or inappropriately managed.  

Wrap Up  

The pressure to win deals and remain competitive in your field is stronger than ever, so you need the strongest software instance to keep up. Look no further than Epicor ERP. Epicor’s all-encompassing solutions for manufacturers and distributors offer powerful tools to boost business performance and make your enterprise stand out.  

But to make the most of your ERP investment, you have to team up with a consultant that stands out. Datix is an Epicor Gold Partner with a proven record in serving businesses from start to finish. Our certified consultants ensure that each client has a robust, scalable ERP system to streamline processes. We go above and beyond ERP to include CRM, eCommerce, integrations, disaster recovery and more. Our comprehensive solutions and services make us a one-stop shop for manufacturers and distributors.  

Take your enterprise to the next level—contact Datix today!  


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