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Epicor ERP for Automotive Manufacturing 

Not all manufacturing is created equal. Different industries experience different challenges and require different enterprise software features to execute business processes. For automotive manufacturers, competition is fiercer than ever. Tremendous technological innovations, mounting pressure to comply with government regulations and intense global competition make it harder than ever for automotive manufacturers to stay ahead in their industry.

Staying on top of developments in this fast-paced marketplace requires the automated, comprehensive features of Epicor ERP. Let’s take a look at the unique challenges within the automotive industry and explore the Epicor tools that manufacturers can take advantage of to beat the competition.

Complex Manufacturing  

Automotive manufacturing involves complicated document exchange, repetitive mass production and lightning-fast technological advances. Furthermore, parts and processes are often spread out over several facilities and even across borders. Such complex manufacturing requires a robust ERP system. With Epicor’s configurator, complicated processes are automated to ensure even the most complex manufacturing operations run smoothly. No quote, order or client falls through the cracks as Epicor diligently tracks and syncs data throughout the system. Additionally, Epicor accommodates numerous manufacturing strategies simultaneously, allowing businesses to run intricate production lines alongside repetitive mass production.

Anyone in automotive manufacturing knows the importance of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which has been used to manage supply chains for decades. The exchange of purchase orders, invoices, shipment notices and numerous other documents occurs frequently and can become cumbersome in this industry, requiring a more comprehensive EDI module than other manufacturing sectors. Epicor integrates EDI with your ERP data, reducing the turnaround time on schedule changes and eliminating manual data entry errors. While many ERP packages include EDI, Epicor distinguishes itself from other ERP systems by handling documents integral to automotive manufacturing and supporting nuanced EDI processes.

Government Regulations

One of the most important but challenging tasks of automotive manufacturers is compliance with government regulations. Government regulations profoundly influence every facet of motor vehicles, from their safety features to their appearance. They also drastically increase automotive expenses, as they escalate production costs and influence how cars are sold. But a robust ERP system can aid businesses in meeting requirements and ensuring public safety while still cutting costs.

In order to achieve compliance with government regulations, manufacturers must be able to trace every bin, container and package throughout the manufacturing process to isolate problems quickly and with pinpoint precision. Epicor’s Advanced Quality Management (AQM) module tracks real-time data on all aspects of manufacturing and stores this data in archives for audits and future reference. AQM also manages compliance documentation and provides audit trail visibility to help enforce policies.

Government regulations aren’t exclusive to the United States, which means that car companies take on greater expenses to ensure their vehicles meet criteria to sell throughout the foreign market. Epicor’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) features ensure products obey international mandates, and automotive ERP modules comply with Global MMOG/LE. Adhering to guidelines becomes increasingly difficult in the global, competitive automobile industry, but Epicor works to streamline the process and mitigate risk, so you can avoid those costly fees.

Global Management

Staying ahead in the global marketplace requires more than compliance with regulations. To become a strong player in the international arena of car manufacturing, companies must maintain a high level of multi-plant management and visibility. A stand-out feature of Epicor’s automotive manufacturing system is its support for global multi-plant management, which enables manufacturers to sync operations worldwide, consolidating information across companies and databases to enable full transparency without modifying the source code. Global organizations gain a comprehensive view of operations as transactions between internal and external companies are automated and new or updated records are transferred throughout the enterprise. Automotive manufacturers can compete on the global stage with Epicor ERP.

Wrap Up

With over 20 years of experience and proven expertise in enterprise software, Datix consultants hold the keys to automotive manufacturing success. Besides being an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix is also a member of the Epicor Automotive Alliance (EAA), a group of Epicor Partners with experience in providing quality software solutions to automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers. EAA members are equipped to handle the complex needs of multinational automotive businesses.

Additionally, Datix uses the same technology that supports Unity, our platform that integrates a myriad of software, to build Unity X. Unity X is a currency exchange rate integration platform for Epicor ERP that syncs up-to-date exchange rates directly with your Epicor multi-currency module. This cutting-edge solution automatically updates exchange rates daily without the need for manual data entry, making it perfect for manufacturers in the global automotive industry.

To jump start your automotive manufacturing business, contact Datix today to discover our premier enterprise software solutions!


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