8 Traits that Make a Stellar ERP Consultant

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As an ERP consulting firm, we continually think about what makes a successful consultant. During an extensive enterprise software project, a consultant is an experienced guide.  IT projects can often get off-track. An article in ZDNet entitled CIO Analysis: Why 37 Percent of Projects Fail, highlights the top reasons an IT project might fail. The list is eye-opening as five top reasons: unclear requirements, lack of resources, unrealistic schedules, poor planning and unidentified risks – can all contribute to failure. We never want to see a project fail for these or other types of reasons. We want to highlight 8 traits we think make a successful consultant.

1. Problem Solving Skills:

As simple as this one seems, it is imperative when working on complex upgrade or ERP implementation projects. A consultant will be working with an extensive amount of data from various departments. Making sure each department receives the full benefit of the system will involve working through numerous problems and finding the best outcome.

2. An Ability to Listen:

This trait is tremendously important. You are, as a consultant, charged with knowing a client’s business inside and out you will need to listen, learn and make suggestions as to their next steps.

3. Successful Past ERP Projects:

When choosing which consulting group or consultant to work with take a look at their past projects. What is their area of expertise? Most consultants will have strengths in various areas such as finance, manufacturing processes or technical development. Knowing the outcomes of common challenges can be essential to project success.

4. Past Industry Experience:

Certain types of ERP software are better fits for various industries. For example, the software we implement is ideal for manufacturers or distributors. A consultant should have experience in your industry or have a past project where they worked with a company similar to yours.

5. Passion for Making Clients Happy:

Ultimately, your enterprise software is going to make your business more streamlined and able to better serve the needs of your customers. If your consultant understands that and is one the same page, seeking to make you happy, then your project will be much smoother.

6. Superb Time Management Skills:

A successful ERP project is one that is properly managed. Efficient time management will save you money and will ensure that all areas of user training are addressed, too.

7. Technical Skills:

Someone who has worked in software development or has acquired technical skills is necessary. You want to work with someone who has extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of a particular software and how to best implement it within your company.

8. Honesty:

A better word might be tough love, We saved this one for our final trait because it is fundamental to the success of any project. But when dealing with a costly and business critical project like an ERP upgrade or implementation you must work with an honest consultant. You are counting on them to let you know about issues, concerns or even if the software is a good fit for your organization.

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