3 Reasons to Invest in Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP Investment

Why Invest in Epicor ERP? 

Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor is not a decision to be taken lightly. Many manufacturers and distributors are deep into their software projects before they realize that their system doesn’t include the functionality they require to support their processes. To get optimal results, businesses need to seek out a solution that can drive ROI, address their operational pain points and align with their unique goals. 

With Epicor ERP, you get all that and more. An investment in Epicor is an investment in industry best practices, continuous business improvements and powerful enterprise performance. We’ll give you the three biggest reasons to invest in an Epicor ERP implementation.  

1. Gain Substantial ROI 

With Epicor, you get back a lot more than what you put in. The solution has been proven to go above and beyond to deliver a substantial return on your investment. Forrester conducted a study to calculate the total economic impact of Epicor ERP. Collecting data and testimonies from several manufacturers who use Epicor, Forrester found that the ERP solution: 

  • Delivered 264 percent ROI 
  • Reduced inventory counting efforts by 67% 
  • Provided inventory savings of $4.4 million 
  • Saved companies $1 million by improving planning and scheduling
  • Automated processes, saving businesses $30,000 per year in manual work 

Forrester also discovered that manufacturers earned ROI quickly by leveraging the system’s functionality to streamline critical business processes, reduce waste, improve customer satisfaction and enhance decision making. Though some businesses steer away from ERP implementation because of the initial costs, this report proves that Epicor is a wise investment that ultimately saves you millions.  

2. Solve Business Challenges 

Many businesses in pursuit of new enterprise solutions have relied far too long on legacy systems or even spreadsheets and post-it notes, resulting in information silos, slow production lead times and massive waste. Epicor ERP includes comprehensive modules and dashboards designed to drive insight and streamline your supply chain. Here’s how: 

  • Business Insight: Epicor collects real-time data throughout your supply chain, transforming this information into actionable insight. Sophisticated home pages deliver the most critical datasets and trackers in one personalized screen, making users more responsive. This instantly updated data reduces manual data entry, resulting in better efficiency and accuracy. 
  • Global Management: The vendor includes an array of compliance, multilingual, multi-company and multi-currency tools to power visibility throughout your global supply chain. With customers in over 150 countries and 1,000 international consultants, Epicor is equipped to support business and software needs around the world. 
  • Lean Manufacturing: To reduce excess raw materials, inventory levels and other forms of waste, Epicor created Kanban manufacturing features to automate stock replenishment and enact pull production flows in line with lean principles. Its material requirements planning (MRP) system processes BOMs efficiently and accurately, so you can maintain quality and avoid scrap and rework.  

A provider of ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors for over 45 years, Epicor understands the challenges facing a variety of industries and continuously improves its products to solve new business obstacles. 

3. Support Your Unique Needs 

Epicor knows that no two businesses are alike. That’s why it incorporates flexibility and scalability into every solution. Each user can personalize dashboards to display the most useful data to perform their daily activities. Drop-down menus allow businesses to easily configure features to fit their unique processes. Epicor’s built-in customization engine also enables companies to create additional fields or enrich records to create extra visibility or support specific needs.  

Additionally, when your enterprise adds new sites or product lines, the scalable interface is there to serve as the backbone of your processes as you grow. While other vendors are too rigid to support business changes or lack customization options, Epicor is designed to give manufacturers and distributors the power of choice.  

Wrap Up 

Your ERP software should have the agility and functionality to drive long-term business success. With Epicor, you gain a leading solution that optimizes manufacturing and distribution performance, making it a smart investment.  

To get the most from your ERP investment, reach out to Datix. Our consultants have been providing comprehensive software services and solutions to manufacturers and distributors for over 20 years. As an Epicor Gold Partner, we’ll help you reap the full value of your ERP and manage your solution from start to finish. 

With Epicor and Datix, you’ll gain ample ROI in no time. Contact us today to transform your business through software! 


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