Why You Need to Know About SalesforceIQ

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Why You Need to Know About SalesforceIQ

What Is SalesforceIQ? How Salesforce’s New Tool Will Change CRM For Good

In our quick recap of the Sales Cloud keynote at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference, we mentioned the announcement of a new software product named SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud. While we noted the amazing possibilities that came with SalesforceIQ’s mobile capability, there’s a whole lot more to the software that promises to completely change the way you interact with your CRM system, including email capture, relationship intelligence and integration features that will make it easier than ever to connect all of your business’ departments and supercharge your CRM’s selling capabilities.

The product comes about thanks to Salesforce’s recent acquisition of RelateIQ, a CRM tool for Small to Midsize Businesses that uses relationship intelligence technology to scan and collect key data from a company’s every single email, phone call and meeting. It promises to be an ultimate timesaving tool for SMBs—but what can relationship intelligence really do for your business? Here are the features you should be taking notice of:

  1. Customer Identification: We all know that sales reps have a limited amount of (extremely valuable) time in the day, much of which is taken up by trawling through potential client areas, lists and groups and attempting to identify viable contacts. Now, SalesforceIQ can do all of that for you. By amalgamating all of the activity patterns of your best clients, the software will be able to paint a detailed picture of your best customers. The result: it knows exactly where to look to find more of them. If a contact has ever interacted with a team member, SalesforceIQ will know exactly how many times, and when that conversation happened. Essentially, the software will help you nail those warm introductions, expanding your client network quickly and intelligently.
  1. Predictive Technology: Once you have those potential clients interested, SalesforceIQ has your back throughout the entire process of the pipeline. Predictive technology will help you prioritize opportunities and organize your company-wide sales timeline. The software will remind you if a certain client needs a follow-up, or alert you to inactive leads to could do with some reheating. If a client sends an email that needs an immediate reply, SalesforceIQ will let you know, helping you to prioritize your inbox effectively and get the most important work done first.
  1. Data Automation: One of the most exciting features of SalesforceIQ is the ability to rid sales rep of the hassle of data entry for good. Contact information is pulled directly from email inboxes, and then can be brought up in every email from that client afterward. The software can create instant out of the box reports from the insights that it captures from your selling data, giving you the information you need to speed up your selling and set plans for the future. The technology also purports to make the selling process even more hassle-free for reps and to clear the sales pipeline of potential bumps in the road, including double emailing the same client or sending a meeting reminder to the wrong rep. Scheduling can happen right within email, or with the help of the integrated mobile app, the next big feature we will hit upon.
  1. Mobile Efficiency: Perhaps most significantly, all of SalesforceIQ’s relationship intelligence, smart technology and data-driven insights will be available on a mobile platform that allows you to wield CRM capabilities wherever you may be. Email inboxes on your mobile won’t be left out either; instead of having to switch screens and apps within your smartphone, every move you make within the selling timeline will be tracked and supported whether you’re in the office, working from home and on the way to a client meeting. Because SalesforceIQ connects with the Salesforce1 app, selling will become smoother than ever; you can even integrate your CRM with marketing tools that let you send out an email campaign exactly when SalesforceIQ knows it will be most effective.

If you are small to midsize business, SalesforceIQ could be just the tool you are looking for to revolutionize the way you are using CRM. Instead of sales reps fearing the prospects of data entry, ‘1984’-style monitoring and potential trip ups in the system, the new tools will take on the frustrating grunt work of selling. Client identification and data capture will become automated and easier than ever. The easiest way to 100 percent software adoption is a system that is simple to use, always effective and timesaving—and Salesforce promises that SalesforceIQ will be just this type of application.

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Of course, any piece of software will run into inevitable roadblocks and not work as efficiently as promised if the implementation and integration process is not mapped out effectively. For any questions regarding Salesforce and the new updates announced at Dreamforce or advice on implementing your own CRM instance, contact an expert at Datix.

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