Why SSRS Beats Out Crystal Reports

Epicor 10 SSRS Beats Out Crystal Reports

Advantages of Epicor 10 SSRS Reports

Manufacturers and distributors often drag their feet when it comes to making changes in enterprise technology. However, change is a must in our fast-paced marketplace. Reporting is no exception. Earlier versions of Epicor ERP included Crystal Reports, but it’s time for manufacturers and distributors to say out to the old and in with the new in order to remain competitive. Epicor 10 adopted SSRS (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services) to improve the reporting experience. It’s best to make the switch to SSRS to enjoy improved functionality that makes it easier than ever to create reports from your ERP instance. We know change is hard, but after explaining the reasons for switching to SSRS, you’ll be ready to make the transition.

The Best Reporting for Epicor 10 Users

Since Epicor ERP 10 automatically includes SSRS, integrating Crystal Reports into your new system will be no easy task. Though this may seem irritating, it’s common practice throughout the software market to cut off support for aging systems and features, requiring users to upgrade. Now that Epicor 10 has adopted SSRS, it no longer offers bug fixes and improvements for Crystal Reports—that will only be available on the SSRS platform. If you still want to use Crystal Reports, keep in mind that it will take some time to move them over to Epicor 10, and the lack of upgrades could detriment your reporting.

Epicor didn’t ditch Crystal Reports to inconvenience businesses. By adopting SSRS, Epicor helps businesses improve their reporting process. Furthermore, businesses can utilize SSRS at no additional cost, making it the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Superior Functionality of SSRS

SSRS brings reporting to the modern age. Epicor built SSRS into version 10 to provide the most flexible reporting structure available in a format that is easy for business users to consume. No matter what type of data you have or what kind of format you need, SSRS has you covered. Its superior flexibility empowers users to choose from emailing, faxing or printing reports from the server. You can even take SSRS on the go with mobile reports. The responsive layout adapts to different devices so you can get the most from your reporting tools, regardless of the device you use. Plus, as a Microsoft product, it works with your Microsoft platforms and has a familiar interface, speeding up the training process and enabling easy, streamlined reporting.

With SSRS, Epicor users have leverage to build comprehensive, attractive reports. By offering the capability to drill down through groups of data and perform a variety of sorting, you can achieve optimal insight. A modern design distinguishes your reports from old-school formats, making your company stand out. Epicor knows that smart decision making and in-depth analysis drive success. That’s why they updated to SSRS to provide clients with the best in reporting technology.

Wrap Up

Epicor 10 and SSRS take your business to the next level, but upgrading to a new system with new reporting technology comes with some challenges. That’s where Datix comes in. Transforming business through software is our motto, and we’ll help you unleash the full capabilities of SSRS to drive success. As an Epicor Platinum Partner, we know ERP like the back of our hand, making us the best source for optimal ERP solutions. Additionally, we offer unique enterprise software integration via our flagship solution, Unity. With Unity, businesses can achieve optimal efficiency and profitability by connecting a variety of software into one connected system.

Contact our experienced software consultants today to learn more about SSRS and our premium solutions!

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