What Makes ERP a Must for Manufacturing CIOs?


ERP Meets CIO Goals 

The manufacturing CIO’s position has evolved to encompass more than implementing and managing IT investments. According to Gartner’s CIO Agenda, innovation and transformation are the core responsibilities of 84% of surveyed CIOs from top-performing organizationsThey play a critical role in integrating technology into overall business goals and growth strategies.  

Any CIO in the manufacturing industry should push to implement ERP software. By automating and managing each step of the supply chain and maintaining a comprehensive hub for enterprise data, ERP serves as a robust and reliable solution for optimizing manufacturing performance. We list three goals that ERP helps CIOs achieve.  

Data Control 

Without secure, standardized data, your entire digital transformation initiative could fall apart. However, when information is siloed in several platforms and spreadsheets, it’s nearly impossible to maintain clean, accurate data. As a result, IT systems get gunked up with errors and duplicate entries, depleting the value of your technology. 

ERP helps organizations maintain control over their data. ERP consists of multiple modules for finance, inventory, production planning and more. Therefore, you can consolidate data from the entire enterprise in a single location, making it easier to standardize information. By automatically updating data throughout the entire solution, ERP also cuts down on manual and duplicate data entries. This gives you a more streamlined platform to drive manufacturing precision.  

Additionally, the software keeps sensitive data secure. Epicor ERP designed its solution with end-to-end data governance and protection. Detailed audit trails give you a complete picture of how data has changed and who is changing it. You can control which data users are authorized to access. Furthermore, built-in compliance features enable manufacturers to adhere to global trade, industry, data privacy and financial regulations. With ERP, CIOs don’t have to worry about the integrity of enterprise data.  

Revenue Growth 

As strategists who focus on steering their businesses in the right direction, CIOs strive to implement technology that contributes to revenue growth. Enterprise software has become less expensive for manufacturers because of cloud computing, making it feasible for businesses of all sizes to invest in ERP to reduce costs and increase project margins.  

Robust data analytics arm users with the insights they need to capitalize on new opportunities. Metrics can reveal which products, services and markets are performing the best and worst, so you can make decisions to optimize your offerings and expand your customer base. Accurate forecasts help manufacturers refine their demand planning and avoid overstocking. Lean metrics also show you areas of waste and excess costs. Epicor ERP delivers these insights in user-friendly dashboards and role-based home pages to ensure everyone in your enterprise has information on hand to maximize profits. 

Digital Transformation  

CIOs play a central role in spearheading digital transformation. Cutting-edge capabilities such as AI, IoT and robotics add greater efficiency to manufacturing. But without a robust platform to serve as the backbone of your enterprise, digital initiatives can become unwieldy. The data generated from Industry 4.0 technologies might end up underutilized or siloed, while new equipment becomes difficult to track and maintain. 

ERP software helps you bring together disparate solutions and support innovation. For example, Epicor IoT can analyze the performance of your shop floor equipment in real time, so you can avoid production bottlenecks and schedule preventative maintenance. The Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) also utilizes AI to send alerts directly to users to avert issues. Mobile functionality lets users access data and perform tasks right on the factory floor. A modern ERP solution can help CIOs set the groundwork for end-to-end digital transformation.  

Wrap Up  

Enterprise technology is essential for elevating manufacturing practices. Nobody knows that better than the CIO. Epicor ERP provides the comprehensive features and reliable performance to help CIOs meet their business goals. 

Datix has been committed to delivering premier manufacturing solutions and services for over 20 years. We’re an Epicor Gold Partner that understands what manufacturers need from their ERP system. From start to finish, our certified consultants do whatever it takes to empower clients to transform their businesses through software. 

To learn more about how Epicor ERP optimizes manufacturing processes, get in touch with one of our ERP experts today!  


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