What Epicor Customer Support Changes Mean for You

Epicor Customer Support Policy

2 Takeaways from the New Customer Support Policy

For software vendors to stay ahead, they can’t focus on technology alone. That’s why, after recently releasing version 10.2 of their ERP software, Epicor also revamped their customer support policy to improve their services. Their new policy includes active support and sustaining support plans. Under the active support plan, Epicor states that any release within two years of general availability will receive optimum support, the latest technology advancements and timely, ongoing software updates in order to promote innovation. The sustaining support plan, provided for any release issued two or more years after general availability, offers experienced support and technology advancements available with upgrades and access to existing software updates in order to promote stability. This means that outdated versions won’t receive the same level of support as newer versions. 

This is actually a notable shift from their previous support policy, through which Epicor supported nearly all of the software it produced. Though this may initially sound like a change for the worse, the new policy provides customers a roadmap for their digital transformation and improves service for the most recent product releases. Ultimately, their updated customer support policy helps businesses plan for upgrades and improvements and enables Epicor to provide more robust, responsive service. Below, we go through the two main takeaways from the latest customer support policy to make sure Epicor users understand how to receive optimal service.

1. Keep Your System Up to Date

To receive comprehensive support, you’ll need to regularly upgrade your ERP instance. Though you don’t necessarily need to upgrade your software with every new version, you still want to make sure that the software you use is a release issued less than two years after general availability to get the best support. This is actually something your company should be doing anyway. Best software practices dictate that businesses regularly update their software instances. The longer you wait to update, the more bugs and delays your system will incur, wasting your business time and money.

Make sure you have a plan and budget in place for continual upgrades. If you currently use an older version of Epicor ERP, don’t be alarmed. Epicor is offering some wiggle room for users with older versions to help them get prepared for the new policy.

2. Consult with Epicor Platinum Partners

Businesses that partner with a consulting firm that has earned Epicor Platinum Partner status gain an advantage in receiving customer support. With the recent policy change, Epicor has prioritized partners. This means that a business working with a Platinum Partner, the top-tier of Epicor partners, will have their tickets resolved a lot faster than standard calls.

Furthermore, working with an expert consultant comes with an array of other advantages. Consultants are more equipped to provide rapid support throughout your software journey and even face-to-face service. They have immense knowledge in both ERP implementations and your industry’s challenges, enabling them to often provide more extensive support than vendors.

Wrap Up

Epicor users and partners have already seen improvement in the latest customer service policy with faster response times and support for ERP best practices. With this change in customer service, it’s more important than ever to implement a company policy for continual software updates and to team up with an Epicor Platinum Partner, such as Datix. Our partnership status enables us to gain faster responses from Epicor customer service to answer our clients’ queries.

However, we can often answer those questions and solve problems quickly on our own. With 20 years of providing enterprise software solutions for mid-market manufacturers and distributors, we’ve developed a sophisticated understanding of our clients’ software needs and have helped several businesses achieve ROI after their implementation. 

Gain optimal customer service and a robust ERP solution by teaming up with Epicor and Datix. Contact us for more information today!


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