5 Reasons to Take Advantage of Epicor 10

Epicor 10

What makes Epicor 10 so powerful?

Epicor understands that continuous improvement is both the key to business success and optimal software performance. Manufacturers and distributors can’t stay ahead of the competition if they aren’t taking advantage of technological advancements. Businesses using older software or, even worse, Excel or QuickBooks can’t expect the same functionality and speed of a company with an up-to-date instance. As your business grows and technology develops, your software should also mature to stay up with the pace of your industry.

For sophisticated enterprise resource planning software that takes enterprise technology to the next level, version 10 of Epicor ERP serves as an ideal solution. The crucial modules and processes of Epicor ERP 9 are enhanced with more robust architecture and additional features to ensure that users have the most powerful tools at their disposal. Keep reading to find out five reasons why your manufacturing or distribution enterprise can’t go without Epicor ERP 10.

1. Simplicity

The cutting-edge architecture of Epicor ERP 10 simplifies the user experience to encourage tremendous productivity. The features and technology stack of version 10 are more streamlined, providing a more intuitive interface and easier deployments and upgrades. That means it won’t be a pain to update from version 9 to 10. An additional benefit of Epicor’s simplified technology stack is advanced scalability, empowering manufacturers and distributors to accommodate business growth and increases in transactions as their companies develop. If that’s not enough, Epicor 10 shows impressive improvement in hardware efficiency, drastically lowering hardware costs to help companies see a faster return on their investment.

2. Responsiveness

With version 10, Epicor ERP is faster and more responsive than ever, enabling employees to maximize productivity for immediate time to value. Epicor 10 offers more than double the speed of Epicor 9’s server response times, along with four times the scalability. These improvements allow for higher volumes of orders and transactions to be processed rapidly so users can make faster, smarter decisions. To further boost efficiency, version 10 revamped its homepage with personalized dashboards and easy navigation. Users can take advantage of Epicor business activity queries (BAQs) to determine which information to display on their homepage. This ensures that users can easily access the most relevant, up-to-date information for their daily tasks.

3. Choice

Epicor ERP delivers the ultimate choice and flexibility. Built from the ground-up from service-oriented architecture (SOA), Epicor empowers businesses to configure their ERP instance to comply with business processes without touching the codebase. This flexibility also enables modifications and integrations so your ERP can develop as your company expands. On top of that, Epicor is the first provider to offer multiple deployment options of their ERP system. Epicor works to fulfill your business goals, whether you decide to host your ERP on-premises or through the cloud.

4. Collaboration

Epicor ERP powers the business conversations that drive innovation. Inspired by the easy connectivity of social media platforms, version 10 of Epicor includes Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) to encourage greater collaboration throughout your business. Users can choose to follow information about parts, customers, production orders and more to receive the most up-to-date insight on meaningful ERP data. Each user’s personalized live stream appears on their home page so they can quickly and easily track conversations and changes to drive collaboration and smart decision-making.

5. Mobility

Comprehensive data and functionality on your desktop is no longer enough to drive productivity. For remote employees and an increasingly mobile workforce, your business needs access to data from any device. Version 10 of Epicor ERP is designed with mobility in mind. SaaS ERP services enable users to easily pull up modules and data wherever they have an internet connection. With employees connected at all times, your business can enjoy a rapid return on investment.

Wrap Up

To fully take advantage of the improved features and processes of Epicor 10, look no further than Datix. An Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix has 20 years of expertise in ERP and enterprise software solutions for mid-market manufacturers and distributors. We go far and beyond ERP implementations, modeling every step of your business processes to completely align your software with your needs and offering ongoing updates and maintenance past the go-live date. We also built Unity to facilitate seamless integrations between ERP and a number of other software instances to create a fully connected, transparent enterprise. Like Epicor, Datix’s software consultants value continuous improvement. Our continuous improvement plans (CIPs) are designed to help your software develop as your business changes. Datix is a premier consultant because of our commitment to innovation and comprehensive service for our clients. 

Questions about Epicor or Epicor 10? We are more than happy to assist you. Contact Datix’s ERP consultants today!


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