Unity: Built for Comprehensive Error Handling

Unity Software Error Handling

Don’t Take on Software Errors Alone

Consider the following scenario: a discrete manufacturing or distribution business has done everything right in their software implementation project. It found an enterprise software consulting firm with ample experience in their industry. Working with this consulting firm, the business analyzed current processes and considered future goals, using this information to create the ideal software solution. Together, they decided on an integration to streamline processes and boost efficiency. Consultants mapped how data would flow bidirectionally between the two software systems. However, a few months after the new software went live, the business experienced errors, resulting from incorrect data or a change in processes.

Too often, this scenario results in disaster. Even after taking all the right steps, a business will find that their interface is too rigid to be modified to handle errors. Or, it could discover that their consultants are slow to fix mistakes. Worst of all, a business might be left to find the source of errors and fix them all on its own. Any of these cases could render your instance useless and require a business to drain its resources to find a solution.

But there is another way this situation could turn out. Depending on the consultants and the platform, errors could be handled immediately without much involvement from the client. In this piece, we’ll explain how Unity, Datix’s robust integration solution, mitigates risk by enabling comprehensive error reporting. Additionally, we will describe the expertise Datix’s enterprise software consultants bring to handle errors throughout your software journey.

API and Software Experts Take Care of Errors

Our blog has often touted the benefits of facilitating integrations through a powerful application programming interface (API). Unity uses APIs as a standard to ensure a seamless connection between ERP, CRM, eCommerce and other software systems to create a single source of truth that improves your enterprise’s productivity and data integrity. Besides serving as the glue that connects systems, API also enables efficient error handling and reporting to protect your software.

During map runs, Unity’s integration platform marks any errors. Rather than go through each individual error, Datix built Unity to use API technology to consolidate all errors into a report with just a click of a button. This ensures that we swiftly catch all errors. From there, Datix’s experts start the debugging process. Once data or logic issues are resolved, we re-run failed records from inside the integration platform and enable future syncing between software systems. By doing this, we guarantee that an error doesn’t stop the flow of data.

Clients should never be forced to take on sole responsibility to resolve errors. Unity’s sophisticated platform provides comprehensive maintenance checks to speed up error handling. On top of that, Unity’s flexibility allows consultants to make any necessary tweaks to the system to resolve errors. Datix consultants have a combined total of over 50 years of enterprise software experience, meaning we’ve come across just about every kind of software problem. Our knowledge enables us to identify the source of the issue and come up with an immediate solution. In short, the combined power of Unity’s advanced platform and Datix’s premier consultants protects your software system. With little to no work on your end, errors are reported and handled in no time.

Wrap Up

For over 20 years, Datix has been committed to executing top-notch enterprise software solutions. We work to understand your entire enterprise and serve as a single point of contact for all of your software needs. From software selection to go-live and beyond, we offer full support to enhance business processes and solve any problems within your instance.

To check out a Unity demo or find out more about our solutions, contact Datix today!


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