Simplify Data Management with an ERP-CRM Integration

Data management is a challenging issue. Organizations need to be able to see, store, and analyze their data to understand how their company is doing. But when companies utilize multiple, disconnected software systems, it becomes cumbersome to keep manually inputting data back and forth. Information silos are inevitable unless you consider an integration. An ERP-CRM integration simplifies data management by allowing you operate out of one system and gain a single source of truth for your organization.

Eliminate Dual Data Entry

With an integration, data management is easier because you deal with less duplicated information. Manual data entry is cut in half, as your team only needs to enter information into one system. Unity: Integration by Datix makes data entry straightforward because your staff can continue to use the software they are used to, but the data is visible to all. For instance, CRM users who like using Salesforce or Dynamics can still operate out of those platforms, but now ERP users can see that information from your ERP interface. Instead of going back and forth in long email chains or being stuck in “touch base” meetings to relay information, everyone can simply use your single source of truth. In fact, a survey of Unity clients with SMBs indicated that Unity saved their organizations, on average, almost 50 phone calls, 500 emails, and approximately 50 hours of work every month! Learn more about how Unity transforms organizations.

See All Your Data in One System

Instead of operating out of many systems that staff must learn to use, an integration unites companies. Because all your data is one place, teams are working together using a 365-degree view of your organization. With Unity, it is possible to make seeing your data even easier by adding customizations to your user interface, so critical information you need is immediately visible in charts. Instead of adapting your business processes to your software, you can adjust your system so that your data is readily available. In addition, your analysis tools like forecasting will have more data to work with, so you can make more informed decisions to move your company forward. Don’t let data be an untapped resource at your organization. Find out how to take your business to the next level with Unity.

Fully Managed Support

An integration supports data management, but it also needs to be monitored like any other piece of software. Fortunately, Unity is fully managed, so you never need to worry about your integrated data again. Unlike other integration services, Datix provides you with a support team to monitor your Unity integration throughout the day, so you don’t have to. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes work, seamlessly transferring the most up-to-date features to your system, reviewing and adapting to software updates, and ensuring that your software continues to grow along with your business. We also offer our own Unity updates to make sure that our solution remains the best application on the market. The Unity Support Team is available by phone or email to help you every step of the way, at no extra charge. In fact, 100% of clients said our team cares about their account and their success with Unity when surveyed! Hear more about working with the Unity Support Team.

Wrap Up

Data management can be intimidating, but an integration can make the process easy. Take your business to the next level with an ERP-CRM integration with Unity.

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