Three More ERP Myths Debunked

The more myths are repeated in business, the more they can become “established fact.”

Trying to separate the truth from lies can seem like a challenge in itself. After all, the most ridiculous ones often sound both legitimate and verifiable.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems continue to be subject to all kinds of distortions. Despite new developments, and numerous sources, these myths continue to spread like wildfire. Myths may even be spread by people within your own business who might not care much for ERPs in the first place.

So let’s dissect a few more common ERP myths.

1) “We’re not big enough”

Whenever we hear someone bring up size, we either giggle or roll our eyes in frustration. Big cars, big business, big food…people get preoccupied with size. 

Yet, what does the size of your company have to do with the implementation of an ERP system? 

One of the more common criticisms of implementing an ERP is that their business is “too small.” To them, it seems unnecessary and would be unsuited for their workplace. “Why change what works already?” you might hear from some staff.

In reality, many small and medium-sized businesses are perfectly suited to shine with an ERP system. Regardless of industry, companies can work with a solution that is tailored to scale with their needs.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you implement one for a hot dog truck, but that’s another subject. The truth is many firms are large enough, in complexity and structure, to benefit from an ERP.

So, in answer to the naysayers, you are big enough.

2) “It’s too damn expensive!”

When it comes to buying for your business, thrift is encouraged to create the best conditions. An ERP system might send some people into panic when they see the costs entailed.

To them, the expense will drain money from much needed areas of the organization. Once again, we find ourselves in the land of business lies and myths.

Of course an ERP comes with a price tag, but so does maintaining the status quo. Wasted production hours, overpaying for inventory, underquoting customers, and blind decision-making drain money away from organizations who never update their systems. When you decide on an ERP system, you’re performing the equivalent of major surgery on your business to alleviate existing problems and become stronger than ever before.

With an ERP in place, manufacturers can do so much more. This includes eliminating excess costs by improving production quality and increasing profits with sophisticated pricing and product life cycle management. The result is a better managed setup that can respond to the changing needs of your workplace.

As a one-stop shop, Datix has the expertise to suggest the right solution for your specific issues. When you work with Datix, your ERP solution can include whatever your system is missing, whether it be CRM, BI, IoT or disaster recovery.

3) “This will take too long”

Most people aren’t fans of wasting time. Maybe not so much during the weekends, but for the most part, we like everything timely and orderly.

When it comes to businesses, people tend to be more conservative when it comes to their time management. When choosing an ERP, many may lament how long it will take to implement their desired solution. To them, the time needed to transition removes any expected benefits. Like many ERP myths, nothing is further from the truth.

These installations take time, but the right ERP consultant will make the process as straightforward as possible. After implementing thousands of ERP solutions, our team at Datix knows that the fastest and most effective way to deliver an ERP is with a business-first approach. By taking the time to understand your specific requirements and complexity level, we can find the right solution to increase your competitive advantage. When you work with a partner who puts your needs first, the time it takes to implement a new system will pay off in dividends.

Wrap Up

ERP myths are prevalent in the business world. The question becomes separating the truth from fiction before you start accepting the latter as fact. When it comes to implementing a new ERP, don’t let an ERP myth hold you back from transforming your business.

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