Should You Integrate Salesforce CRM With Your ERP?

Salesforce ERP Integration

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Salesforce and ERP Integration

Imagine: a top member of your sales team is walking the floor of a client’s manufacturing facility. The purchasing lead for your customer asks your team a series of specific questions and expects quick answers. “Do you have part X948 in stock? If so, how many? When could it be shipped and delivered, and what’s the cost for all of the above?”

These situations are not uncommon in the world of sales. But the difference between that sales person placing an order on the spot or walking away empty handed could be your organization’s ability to integrate your back and front-office systems. Integrating a robust CRM instance, like Salesforce, with ERP software facilitates enterprise-wide connectivity. This kind of 360-degree information creates a single source of truth to optimize operations and power business growth. Find out if a Salesforce CRM and ERP integration is the right solution for your enterprise.

Insight On-the-Go

So, how does a mobile strategy make such a powerful differentiator for your sales team? Let’s revisit that opening scenario once more. If the organization has integrated Salesforce with ERP, then that sales person could pull out a phone and immediately check inventory stock, product counts, orders and other back-office data. The rep could provide answers to every question immediately and offer helpful information on bulk discounts or expedited shipping rates. That kind of service leads to happy clients and signed checks.  

Salesforce sets the standard for mobile CRM. The vendor has long provided unparalleled access to data across all mobile devices, building their solutions around the cloud and mobile functionality. Users have the ability to create leads, analyze dashboards and launch marketing campaigns in the palm of their hands. But to truly maximize sales productivity, it’s critical to also have back-end data on hand. By integrating Salesforce with ERP, you gain insight into your customers from initial interest to the final sale. Back-end information that was once impossible to navigate is now accessible in Salesforce’s user-friendly, flexible interface. 

Back-End Performance

CRM is of course built for customer service, sales and other front-office departments, but that doesn’t mean that other employees can’t obtain valuable information from CRM software. Salesforce includes the most cutting-edge technology in the CRM marketplace, including a robust suite of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, known as Einstein. Einstein generates over a billion AI-driven predictions every day to guide sales reps to closings and better customer relationships. Among its many capabilities, Einstein tracks and analyzes both real-time and historical data to determine the next move to make with a particular customer and calculate the likelihood of a deal closing. 

This wealth of knowledge can extend to your shop floor. The sophisticated forecasting inside your Einstein technology can predict future sales performance and create easy-to-read reports instantly accessible to back-end users. With this data, production teams can accurately estimate customer demand and plan accordingly. They can also access information about customer interactions, so they can gain a fuller understanding of what buyers are looking for and optimize products and services in line with their needs. CRM and ERP integration powers the fast, personalized experiences that customers crave. 

Wrap Up

Bottom line: if you want to optimize business processes and customer relationships, connect ERP and CRM software. Salesforce’s innovative features shouldn’t be limited to your front offices. When you connect Salesforce with your ERP system, your entire enterprise can gain a full view of data and operations, so you can work together to accomplish new goals. 

Here at Datix, we believe in the power of a connected enterprise so strongly that we constructed Unity, a pre-built application that allows businesses to seamlessly integrate Salesforce with Epicor ERP. Without any coding, Unity provides businesses with greater access to real-time data and increased productivity. Unity makes dual data entries and blind spots a thing of the past.

Fill out the form above to schedule a free demo, and see for yourself just how simple Unity is! You can also check out one of our video demos or contact one of our experts today. 


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