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Salesforce CRM GDPR Compliance

Protecting Customer Data in a Global Enterprise

Manufacturing and distribution businesses are undergoing an exciting period. The increasing availability of enterprise software and our rapidly evolving digital landscape empower SMBs to grow immensely, even on a global scale. But with expansion comes challenges. One upcoming challenge is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The European Union’s (EU) forthcoming privacy law has the potential to change how we handle personal data for the better as it lays out mandates to protect the sensitive information of EU residents.

However, businesses that in any way deal with EU personal data are scrambling to determine what changes they must make to comply with this regulation once it takes effect on May 25. No need to worry: Salesforce is ahead of the game, providing transparency and an updated data processing addendum to ensure your company adheres to the law and protects customer information. Below, we offer more details about the GDPR and explain why Salesforce is the optimal CRM for global compliance.

What is the GDPR?

To address security concerns raised by swift technological advancements, the EU established the GDPR to expand data privacy rights for its citizens. The regulation requires organizations to provide a reasonable degree of protection for private data, but what is considered private data, and what qualifies as “reasonable” protection? These questions are raising some confusion. The GDPR defines confidential data very broadly. Basically, any information about an individual constitutes as private data. That’s everything from name and age to web data such as RFID tags and IP addresses. That means companies must offer the same level of protection for web data as Social Security numbers.

Unfortunately, the GDPR doesn’t clarify what is considered “reasonable” protection, giving GDPR officials substantial leeway in determining compliance and calculating fines. However, it does set up some specific guidelines. Here are a few of those:

  • Organizations can only process personal data upon gaining individual consent and must erase this data upon the individual’s request.
  • Organizations must report breaches to supervisory authorities and those affected within 72 hours of detection.
  • Impact assessments must be performed to mitigate the risk of breaches.

I’m sure the next question on your mind is, “Does this apply to our company?” There’s a good chance that it does. Essentially, if your business stores or processes personal data about EU citizens, even if you have no business presence in the region, the GDPR applies. The regulations apply to smaller companies only if they frequently deal with sensitive EU personal information.

How Can Salesforce Help?

Rather than dread the upcoming changes coming with the new regulation, Salesforce embraces the GDPR as an opportunity for their clients to strengthen data integrity, protect customers and improve their reputations. Emboldened with this positive attitude, Salesforce is already a step ahead in helping clients comply with the GDPR. Salesforce has always been committed to empowering businesses with control over their customer data, giving them a head start in compliance and also offering more opportunities to connect with customers. Their security measures meet high standards, and their architecture provides end-to-end visibility into applications. Salesforce’s data processing addendum takes the GDPR into account, enabling clients to legalize transfers of EU personal data outside of the region and rapidly report and detect data breaches. The CRM vendor is continuing to modify products and documentation to prepare users for the new obligations.

Wrap Up

At Datix, we always put our clients first. Our goal is to help you expand and prosper. The last thing we want is for a new regulation to get in the way of your success. Robust technology gives you an advantage in governance and compliance. As a certified partner of Salesforce, Datix can hook you up with an innovative CRM platform that is committed to staying on top of industry demands and technological advancements. But Datix goes beyond Salesforce by offering the best enterprise software solutions all under one roof. Whether you need eCommerce, CRM, ERP or an integration, Datix’s 20 years of software consulting for mid-market manufacturers and distributors have prepared us to meet your needs and take on any challenge.

Don’t put your industry at risk. Contact Datix’s CRM consultants today to learn how our solutions offer optimal data protection.


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