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With the new year underway, everyone’s tightening up their goals and processes for a successful 2020. Distribution businesses are no exception. Distributors have undergone significant market growth in recent years, but with this success has come stiffer competition. That leaves small and midsize distributors seeking out methods to differentiate themselves from the big players in their industries. The first step in this process: implementing Prophet 21.

Whether your business is emerging, midsized or a subsidiary of a Global 1000 company, Epicor‘s distribution ERP solution has the comprehensive functionality to meet your needs. Prophet 21 also meets the complex traceability requirements for key industries and geographies, minimizing the risk of adoption for your company. In this piece, we describe some of the ERP features that distributors need to take advantage of to get ahead of the competition.

Automation Drives Efficiency

To improve efficiency while mitigating risk, distributors have their eyes on automation. Automating business processes and data collection streamlines operations and eliminates the need for manual data entry—a hazardous and time-consuming activity. More and more distributors are racing to get their hands on ERP software’s automated features, leaving those who opt out of the technology behind.

Prophet 21’s full range of order management, inventory and warehousing capabilities provides automated processes from end to end, ensuring the utmost productivity throughout your enterprise. Extensive metrics and intuitive dashboards offer optimal visibility. This powerful yet easy-to-use solution is available to distributors worldwide. It’s loaded with innovative tools to synchronize supply and utilize demand and fulfillment to reach new, industry-leading levels of business performance. Prophet 21’s unbeatable features will put your distribution business on top.

Plan for Future Success

Competition among distributors is growing at almost as rapid a rate as enterprise software advancements. These pressures make strategic planning and forecasting imperative for distributors to earn a profit. To enable distributors to meet everchanging, dynamic challenges, Prophet 21 offers advanced demand and replenishment planning as well as forecasting features to ensure that everything from daily operations to future expansion runs smoothly.

Planning ahead for future success also requires nimble technology that can grow with your business. Prophet 21’s agile architecture makes it amenable to specific business needs, even as those needs change. As a consistent leader and innovator in ERP, Epicor builds solutions entirely on a true service-oriented architecture (SOA) that supports continuous technological improvements and integrations.

Wrap Up

As disruption becomes the new normal, some distributors fear the worst. It’s impossible to ignore the need for up-to-date technology to drive enterprise success, but it’s also difficult to undergo an ERP implementation project that provides a return on your investment rather than sucking up your company’s resources.

That’s why it’s imperative to team up with premier consultants. After over 20 years of software consulting, Datix has the expertise to manage your Prophet 21 instance for optimal performance. Additionally, we go the extra mile by offering integrations to other software platforms through Unity and supporting your business before, during and after your ERP system goes live.

This post just scratches the surface of Prophet 21’s advantages for distributors. To learn about the software solutions, services and processes that have made us a certified Epicor Gold Partner, contact Datix today!


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