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Digital technology touches just about every aspect of our lives, especially business. That means the days of job searching in newspapers and mailing hard copies of resumes are pretty much obsolete. Instead, we search and apply for positions online. In order to find ideal candidates, businesses have to be on top of job search trends. The Epicor Human Capital Management module is built for hiring and recruiting in the digital age. Our blog has already covered the robust HCM features that make it easier for employees and human resources departments to access crucial information. In this post, we explain how both candidates and HR teams can leverage HCM to streamline the recruitment process. We’ll give you our tips for using Epicor ERP’s HCM features to hire the perfect employees to improve your business.  

Job Posting

You can’t attract quality candidates if they can’t even find your job opening. Epicor HCM considerably helps you entice people to open positions. All the information about various positions, previous requisitions and performance reviews are stored right in the HCM module to make it easy to determine the necessary skills for the position. Epicor makes it easy to modify older requisitions to fit any changes to the job requirements. The ERP system will generate a unique URL for each new requisition, which can then be posted to social media sites and other places that generate attention. Make sure current employees share these links to spread the word about the job opening.

It’s not enough to post a summary of the position and contact information; candidates expect to be able to apply directly online. Epicor’s Candidate Self-Service module makes the application process simple for both the candidates and the HR department. Candidates can easily fill out applications and upload their resumes and cover letters in one place. Human resources can save that information for future use and swiftly search through applications without shuffling through papers.

Candidate Selection

Now that you’ve attracted several quality candidates, it’s time to find out which is the right one for the company. If you created any “knock out” questions in your requisition, you’re already a step ahead. These questions are designed to help filter out candidates during the application process. Epicor’s requisitions also enable HR to write questions with weighted answers, so you can rank candidates based on their application score.

With Epicor’s robust HCM tools, digging through applications and resumes for your new employee is quick and painless. Epicor HCM will rank candidates from top to bottom based on a search of keywords and qualification matches within applications and resumes. This function enables the HR department to devote more attention to the most qualified candidates and cuts down on the time-consuming task of skimming through paperwork.

As for the interview process, Epicor can’t talk to candidates for you, but its HCM module can help you organize interview notes. Encourage everyone conducting interviews to diligently record their thoughts about the candidates and upload them to the HCM suite. With these notes in one place, it’s easy to compare thoughts and make the final decision.


Your company has found the right person for the job, meaning that it is time for onboarding to begin. Epicor HCM also streamlines this process, converting the candidate’s data into employee data. The Employee Self-Service module allows the new employee to enroll for benefits and receive their handbook and other crucial materials to get started. The employee simply needs to read and sign electronic documents within the platform, and human resources can track signatures using an onboarding checklist. From here on out, Epicor HCM will serve as the go-to tool for the employee to update information, download forms, request time off and stay on top of everything happening within the company.

Wrap Up

Simply put, Epicor HCM is a win-win for your company, streamlining processes for the HR department and making it easy for the rest of the organization to remain informed about benefits, training, absences and more. Most job seekers stay glued to their devices throughout the process, so organizations should ensure their recruitment strategy is up-to-date by leveraging advanced ERP solutions.

Of course businesses require employees who fit within their work environment, but they also need ERP software that fits their processes. As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix knows Epicor inside and out. We’ll equip your organization with the modules and functions your users need to perform at their best. With Unity, our integration platform, we can even seamlessly connect ERP with other software to form a single source of truth that mitigates risk and improves operations throughout your enterprise.

To learn more about Epicor HCM and other transformative ERP modules, contact Datix’s premier ERP consultants today!


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