Point-to-Point Integrations Can Put Companies at Risk

Point-to-Point vs. iPaaS

Point-to-Point vs. iPaaS

Building a connected enterprise was no easy task in the early days of enterprise software. As we’ve touched on in another post, systems were once so rigid that businesses were left to create homegrown software or fully customize their instance. Imagine how difficult it was to connect multiple platforms. Integrating systems required writing custom code to move data from one application to another. Though not a major ordeal when running simple systems and needing only a few points of integration, when business processes and software become more complex and additional integrations are required, costs run up quickly.

But as enterprise software has advanced, so too has integration methods. With the growing ascendancy of cloud computing, it’s no surprise that the newest and easiest technology for connecting software is the cloud-based iPaaS solution. In this post, we explain how iPaaS, or integration platform as a service, is revolutionizing software to build connected enterprises.

Downside of Point-to-Point

Point-to-point, or app-to-app, integrations are a method of moving data from one application or system to another using a hand-coded connector. As we established in the intro, this method works well enough for a start-up that just needs a couple of apps integrated. However, as your business grows, so will the need for more applications and integrations. With each connection requiring its own distinct code, the process of integrating your systems quickly becomes unwieldy and expensive. Plus, all these integrations have to be maintained throughout upgrades and other changes, spiraling your IT team down an endless cycle of regression testing and troubleshooting. Rather than go down this difficult road, it’s best to implement an iPaaS integration as soon as possible.

Benefits of iPaaS

Everything is moving to the cloud, and software integrations are no exception. According to Gartner, iPaaS refers to a suite of cloud services that connects a combination of processes, services, applications and data within an individual company or across multiple organizations. Though some businesses continue to harbor reservations about iPaaS and cloud computing in general, the cloud is the technology of the future because of its extensive advantages. Let’s drill into some of the ways iPaaS beats out point-to-point integrations:

  • Cost: Pricing for iPaaS solutions are on a straightforward, affordable subscription service. They don’t require the high costs associated with the implementation and maintenance of point-to-point and hardware solutions.
  • Integration Options: Contrary to popular belief, iPaaS doesn’t just enable cloud-to-cloud integrations. It can also connect cloud and on-premise systems, making it a flexible platform for different business needs. By facilitating connections between a myriad of software—such as ERP, CRM and eCommerce—iPaaS empowers businesses to develop a seamlessly connected enterprise.
  • Upgrades: Rather than undergo frequent regression testing, iPaaS users leave upgrades to their platform provider, who will regularly deploy upgrades and maintain the software infrastructure.
  • Ease: One of the greatest advantages iPaaS has over point-to-point integrations is ease of deployment and maintenance. Rather than exhaust your IT department with 24/7 monitoring of point-to-point connections, iPaaS can be quickly deployed and maintained by the provider.

Wrap Up

The ascendancy of iPaaS integrations makes it easier than ever to become a connected enterprise. Before you take on point-to-point integrations, contact Datix to learn about our iPaaS solution. Unity is our pre-built integration solution that connects Epicor ERP to an array of software platforms without any coding or database modification. The only Epicor Platinum Partner with a robust integration solution, Datix is the go-to source for transforming your business. Our 20 years of business have equipped us with the expertise to align our powerful, flexible system with each client’s distinct processes. To sweeten the deal, we not only offer quick, hassle-free integrations but also take care of updates and maintenance to maximize your system’s performance.

Don’t make software integrations a major chore. Contact Datix for a seamless integration!


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