PandaDoc and CRM: The Ideal Match

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Pair Up CRM and PandaDoc to Expedite Sales

There’s nothing that businesses love more than speedier sales. Robust CRM platforms are designed just for that—expediting sales processes through workflow automation and improved responsiveness for leads and customers. But CRM doesn’t perform at its best when it’s working solo. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at an enterprise powerhouse couple: CRM and PandaDoc. PandaDoc, a document automation platform, stores a company’s crucial documents in one place and enables collaborative editing and digital signing. As powerful as PandaDoc is on its own, the combined functionality of PandaDoc and CRM forms an unstoppable force that simplifies the sales pipeline. Read on to find out why your employees and customers will love an integration between CRM and PandaDoc.

Security in Your Sales Pipeline

Little mistakes and wasted minutes add up. Delays in signing or approving drafts, time spent switching back and forth between documents to check for errors, missed opportunities from lost documents, a deal lost because of a misspelled name—these errors and misspent time compile to hit your bottom line hard. That’s why businesses should invest in an integration between CRM and PandaDoc. When these services are connected, sales teams enjoy greater accuracy and automated processes.

With content management software inside your CRM, you no longer need to navigate between documents to draft proposals and SOWs. CRM data such as your lead’s contact information and product details will be autofilled into these documents. PandaDoc’s auto calculation feature will take care of taxes, discounts and profit margins to speed up transactions. That means less time spent on content creation and fewer errors. Additionally, your sales reps know instantly when prospects view and sign documents, enabling them to take the next steps to forward the sales cycle. Rather than keep up with content updates through extensive email chains, digitized content can be easily accessed by sales teams from a centralized platform. Your business can’t afford to lose out on the mitigated risk of PandaDoc and CRM.

Greater Customer Care

Now more than ever, customers crave fast, quality service. Satisfying consumer demands requires sophisticated software. Fortunately, an integrated PandaDoc and CRM platform will equip your business with the necessary tools to meet the needs of leads and clients. PandaDoc’s eSignatures enable customers to sign documents quickly and easily on any device, meaning no more waiting on scans and faxes. PandaDoc tracks leads right inside collateral, allowing sales teams to track lead activity on documents within the CRM interface. With this functionality, salespeople can stay on top of leads, know when to send follow-up emails and determine which leads to prioritize. PandaDoc even provides push notifications whenever significant changes happen in documents, keeping sales teams more in touch with their leads. Accurate, real-time insight empowers your company to close more deals and respond to leads and customers.

Support for Content Creation

It’s not enough for sales collateral to have accurate information; to drive interest from potential customers, documents should also look professional and engaging. PandaDoc and CRM enrich the look of your collateral while maintaining consistency. Within PandaDoc, you can build attractive templates that can be quickly deployed in CRM to ensure a uniform look throughout sales and marketing materials. Furthermore, since content is hosted online, you can go beyond pictures and graphics to deliver videos and demos that will considerably increase close rates. All of your documents are easy to build because of PandaDoc’s drag-and-drop functionality. Sales and marketing departments can also leverage document analytics to understand which content to create or show to clients to clinch more deals. 

Wrap Up

Security, care, support—these aren’t just qualities we seek from strong relationships; they’re also what sales and marketing teams need from their software for solid sales cycles. By teaming up with Datix, your company can bring PandaDoc and CRM together to form the dream couple that will transform business. Unity is our pre-built integration platform that unites PandaDoc and CRM for greater automation and accuracy in your sales collateral cycle. As a certified partner of both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, Datix has unique insight into both of the leading CRM systems, enabling us to help you determine which vendor is the best match for your specific business processes.

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