New from Insights: Upgrades in Data Productivity Coming to Epicor ERP

New From Epicor Insights and Data Analytics

Insights, Epicor’s largest global customer conference took place last week in Nashville—and every year the leading manufacturing and distribution ERP vendor comes out with exciting updates and revamps to its line of enterprise software products. Last week, we covered the new option for dedicated cloud hosting of Epicor ERP’s products, and the overhaul of Prophet 21 distribution software that also allows for a variety of cloud hosting options. However, that’s not all the exciting news that emerged from Insights. Epicor also announced innovative upgrades and functionality to their leading ERP platform. Here’s the quick rundown of the new features coming to Epicor ERP.

New Data Analytics for Better Insights

Epicor is bringing heightened, industry-focused Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), to their platform. EDA provides a flexible and intuitive analytics platform that remains tightly integrated with Epicor ERP. The module promises Epicor customers improved operational visibility for improved decision making via rich and configurable out-of-the-box dashboards.

Customers can use the real-time data from EDA and drill down into the various support figures and dashboards to bring deeper insights. Real, actionable decisions need to be made on your shop floor every day, and Epicor’s new analytics platform puts the tools you need to make the decisions right at your fingertips. EDA also promises to include pre-built content packs for verticals like sales, financials, materials, and production. With each different pack, businesses can target areas of waste and inefficiencies instantly, and find ways to reduce costs that don’t cut back on your product quality. The analytics solution is also cloud based, supplementing the cost-reducing possibilities. Cloud implementation will require a low upfront cost, faster installation to value times and ensure the EDA platform can be accessed via desktop or any mobile device.

New Configuration Tools for Design and Modeling

We’ve already gone over the power of the configurator in the latest release of Epicor ERP in this post here. Now, Epicor has announced even more advancements to its engineering modules, including upgrades to its configure-to-order design function with a 2D Design Visualization Tool. The feature will enable easy viewing of models and drawings, markup in 2D, and real-time collaboration on design documents over a network. Any company that requires customization of parts and sophisticated design functionality in their ERP suite will find the new updates to Epicor particularly helpful.

Complete Upgrades Faster Than Ever

The new release from Epicor also includes new tools designed specifically to ease the transition process for customers upgrading from on premise to cloud-hosted Epicor ERP platforms. The new Epicor Site Analyzer can look at your business’ current software environments, identify changes and configuration needs in advance of any hosting migration and then provide an easy-to-read impact assessment. The charts and figures will help you determine how to structure any upgrade process and which areas you might need support or extra focus in. Once you have mapped out the upgrade from on-premise to cloud-hosted ERP, a new rapid data migration process enables data to be migrated to a cloud environment securely, efficiently and quickly.

Take Advantage of New Epicor ERP Features with Datix

All the new tools Epicor announced at Insights are designed to improve value for the customer and attack inefficiency and waste on your shop floor. However, without in-depth knowledge of Epicor’s modules and a way to analyze your own business processes properly, you may struggle to translate the new updates into success and ROI for your company. That’s where Datix comes in! Our expert consultants have close to 20 years of Epicor experience. We’ve helped countless businesses implement and upgrade the various versions of Epicor ERP. Let us go through your business processes with a fine-tooth comb, make them more efficient and then figure out what your ERP needs to look like to fully support your new streamlined production process. We can help you take full advantage of not only the new features coming to Epicor, but all of its existing powerful modules and functionality. Call us today and get started with a free consultation!

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