Mitigate Supply Chain Risk with ERP Software

MitigateSupplyChainRiskeithERPSoftwareProtect Your Supply Chain

As supply chains grow more complex and global, the risk of extending lead times, running out of stock, delaying deliveries, or halting production increases exponentially. But there is a way to protect your supply chain from these challenges: an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation. ERP software is designed to give you control over even the most complicated supply chains by automating processes and expanding insight. Below, we explain a few ways ERP solutions, like Infor SyteLine, mitigate supply chain risk.

Timely Deliveries

With customer expectations at an all-time high, manufacturers and distributors can’t afford to tarnish their brand by delaying deliveries. Unfortunately, supply chain complexity makes it difficult for managers to pinpoint interruptions, resulting in a pattern of late or inaccurate order fulfillment that goes unresolved.

ERP is designed to automate processes throughout your supply chain to facilitate efficiency and precision. But to fully streamline production and delivery, you need a solution designed for a variety of modes and techniques. After all, few organizations manage only just-in-time (JIT) production or make-to-stock (MTS) processes. Most companies merge different techniques to meet their distinct business needs.

After years of creating manufacturing and distribution solutions, Infor understands the unique qualities of each client. The system supports make-to-order (MTO), configure-to-order (CTO), MTS, and other production processes with built-in flexibility, so businesses can utilize the exact tools they need to refine their strategies. Its sophisticated tools enable pull production and automate material replenishment. Utilizing advanced predictive analytics and forecasting technology, the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system will order the precise quality and quantity of supplies to fulfill customer demand.

With this functionality in place, businesses can streamline their specific processes, so that every product is made in line with customer demand and delivered right on time.

Global Visibility

Broken machinery at one of your production sites, poor inventory lot tracking at an off-shore warehouse, unknown status of raw materials—a plethora of problems can plague a global enterprise, especially when you lack visibility into the distinct operations of each location. An ERP instance should include the scalability and functionality to fuel end-to-end visibility, no matter the materials. 

Supplier Trust

Globalization has enabled manufacturers to access raw materials at lower costs but working with foreign suppliers also introduces uncertainty into the supply chain. It’s hard enough to manage the quality and efficiency of your internal processes, let alone an external supplier.

Infor SyteLine allows you to sort request for quotation (RFQ) criteria—such as lead-time, price, quality rating, ISO certification, and on-hand inventory—to give you the right supplier for your materials. Additionally, Epicor tracks lead time and delivery to produce a detailed receipt of supplier performance history. These tools enable users to find ideal partners for their business without wasting time.

Wrap Up

Don’t let the added complexity of modern supply chains slow down your business. ERP software provides users with the agility to manage even the most complex operations. Infor proves particularly adept at handling an array of manufacturing and distribution needs. With its comprehensive modules and flexibility, the system can powerfully transform your supply chain to meet growing consumer demands.

To help you get the most from your ERP software, team up with the expert consultants at Datix. Datix is an Infor Partner with over 20 years of experience in providing manufacturing and distribution solutions. We manage implementations, integrations, upgrades, and more, from start to finish, working closely with our clients to optimize their processes.

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