Midwest Epicor Users Group Reconvenes in January!


Datix is proud to announce that the Midwest Epicor Users Group will enter 2018 with a renewed focus on its mission to strengthening the Epicor community in St. Louis and the surrounding area in Missouri and Illinois. The user group had a banner year in 2017 with engaging speakers and record growth in membership. The group was created to serve as a regular meeting space for the multitude of Epicor ERP users in the St. Louis area. Founded by Epicor users and those that work with the software every day, the user group is designed to provide a quarterly opportunity for those in the St. Louis community to exchange anecdotes and ideas about their experience with Epicor, all over a free and delicious hot breakfast. The user group is equipped to begin a new year, re-invigorated with innovative presentations, enlightening demos and informative speakers.

The Midwest Epicor Users Group is fundamentally based on the idea that the Epicor community is stronger when it is united and communicative. Because no one business looks the same as the next one, we know that every company interacts with Epicor ERP differently, leaning more heavily on different modules or functionalities and leveraging the software in unique ways to support business processes. At any one time, one of our users may be going through a tough upgrade while another just completed a successful project using new tools provided by the suite. Because the members of the Midwest Epicor Users Group all use different parts of the system at different levels, they all will come to the group meetings with unique knowledge and insights about how to best leverage the ERP software for success. By sharing our experiences, and occasional challenges, and learning from others, we believe that we can all garner extra value from the software and be ready to tackle any future problems head-on and with confidence.

The first meeting of 2018 is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 25th at Tacony Corporation in Fenton, Missouri. For more information on the group, visit our homepage and subscribe for email notifications for quarterly meetings and new agendas. If you have any particular questions or experiences with Epicor that you’d like to share, all the better! The group is only as valuable as the contributions of its members, so come equipped with some talking points. As of today, we are planning on discussing any new Epicor issues the group may have as well as any solutions the members have developed in Q4 of 2017. See you there!

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