Midwest Epicor Users Group Meeting 4.19.18

MEUG Q2 Recap

MEUG Q2 Meeting Review

Yesterday, Epicor users from St. Louis and surrounding areas as well as members of the Datix team congregated for the quarterly Midwest Epicor Users Group meeting. Committed to pursuing continued ERP growth and learning, MEUG members meet each quarter to share triumphs and troubles with their Epicor instances. Epicor users work together to solve software concerns and discover methods of reaping more benefits from their ERP solution. MEUG always has its doors open to welcome new members looking to learn Epicor tips and tricks.

We decided on a different format this time around, deviating from our prepared presentations to have an open discussion about Epicor customer support and the upcoming Insights conference. Users shared their experiences with Epicor customer support, offering advice for troubleshooting errors and submitting requests. Several users are looking forward to learning opportunities and networking at the upcoming Epicor Insights conference. As usual, we had enlightening conversations that shed light on Epicor’s customer support services and offered expectations for Insights attendees.

MEUG plans on coming back together in July to share what we’ve learned from Insights and other exciting information. You can engage with the Midwest Epicor Users Group now by visiting our page and reaching out to Erick Hernandez with ideas for upcoming meetings. Thanks to Tacony for remaining a loyal host for our group meetings. We’d also like to thank everyone who attended to make this yet another informative session!

As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix understands how important it is to build a strong user community and continue learning and researching enterprise software solutions. For more insight into Epicor ERP as well as CRM, eCommerce and integration solutions, reach out to Datix today!

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