What Manufacturing Executives Can Learn from the Healthcare Rollout

What Manufacturing Executives Can Learn from the Healthcare Rollout

As a company, which specializes in software deployments, we have been paying close attention to the roll-out of the new healthcare site. The mishaps that have mired the website are an all too frequent and often preventable occurrence. Looking at this situation, I have seen similar incidents in our industry. Too often, the tech decisions are siloed in the IT department.  This is a perfect case highlighting why it is vital to not only have executive sign-off, but a richer understanding of the technology.  The positive takeaway I see is that C-Level executives must support and be involved in key tech decisions.

I have to agree with an article, by Frost and Sullivan contributor David Brousell. He highlights the needs for execs to be more involved in technology.  “At the end of the day, it is almost inevitable that advanced technologies will play an even bigger role in your company over the next 10 years than they do today. In a sense, we are all running tech businesses of one sort or another right now. And as a senior business executive, the tech buck stops at your door,” said Brousell.

So what should an Exec or CEO do to successfully guide a tech-intensive project?

Understand Tech is the Name of the Game

Learn all you can about the software, tech terms and trends. Attend tech conferences to stay ahead of the changes. This can mean bringing in experts to conduct lunch and learns onsite or even networking with other execs in your field. Ask them what worked or didn’t.

Keep Your Tech Team Focused

Ultimately, your new software will be solving a problem you had with an existing business process.  Keep asking your tech team to explain the business benefits and avoid any tech jargon. The better they can explain how this software will improve efficiency, how much it will enhance customer satisfaction and what plan they are following the better they understand your business. You know what you would like to see, make sure those goals are in line with your vision.

Keep Tech Purchases Standardized

Most CEOs want to use technology to create a cohesive and collaborative business environment. Keep tech purchases in line with your pre-set standards to avoid costly system incapability. Make sure those, who do the tech purchasing, are aware of the tech standards.

Faster is Not Always Better

Pushing to complete a project by a certain time might seem like a great idea upfront, it can backfire. Get the project completed right, the first time to avoid mishaps and costly reworks. In the initial stages, allow adequate buffering time in case something goes wrong.

Provide Change Management Training

Let’s say the tech portion of the IT project goes smoothly, but now you have new technology injected into a company. Often the adjustment will impact different employees and divisions differently. Make sure your management team understands change management techniques.

Your IT project will most likely not be a public as the healthcare website. Still, have C-Level and executive sponsorship throughout the project will have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.

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