When You’ve Outgrown Quickbooks and Need an ERP System

Outgrown Quickbooks and Need an ERP System?

If your organization is reaching a point where the business is outgrowing Quickbooks, that means your organization is growing; and likely in the need a of a more comprehensive enterprise solution. First of all, you may have asked the question “do I need an ERP System?”.  In some instances, the answer is “no” an ERP system is not the best fit for your company. If a business has a handful of employees or does not create a physical item, then perhaps other types of out of the box software could be a better fit. However, if your business need something more robust than Quickbooks or Peachtree, then making the plunge into an ERP system can be well worth it.

As an ERP consulting firm, we speak with organizations everyday that ask these questions.  This is not a decision to be taken likely. An ERP can have far-reaching benefits to a business without one, and it can fundamentally alter business practices internally forever. However,  an ERP system is a complex system and deployment may require seeking outside professional guidance, and a serious dedication of company resources. Here what you need to know…

Improve Productivity

ERP systems like  Epicor 10 are robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. These systems are specifically designed to help manufacturers improve productivity with highly efficient process flows. This means you are able to monitor items including: customer demand, schedule delivery dates, and material resources.

If your business needs to fulfill other needs like the ones listed above, it’s likely ERP could greatly benefit your company.

Master Supply Chain Complexity

Complex supply chains benefit from having a centralized system. This will allow you to respond faster to change, reduce excess inventory, cut costs, and deliver what you promised to your customers on time. In the end you want to get your products to market faster.

With everything in one place, you have a single software platform for so many functions. If you’re a product creating business it makes a lot of sense to evaluate ERP’s as an upgrade to current Quick=books processes.

Your ERP system will include tools to help you manage:

Sales and customer relationship: CRM functions, customer engagement campaigns

Production: manufacturing, job inspection and rework

Supply chain: streamline product development, raw materials tracking

Inventory: vendor support, ship dates, inventory management

Financials: reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchases

Service management: optimize scheduling, electronic tracking, contract management

Quality: receiving, manufacturing, shipping and returns, product controls, product audits

Find out more about our ERP selection process if you’ve outgrown Quickbooks.

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