LaunchCode to Attract and Foster Local Tech Talent

coding computer launch codeLaunchCode, the latest creation from Jim McKelvey, is set to publicly debut later this month and by the end of September will likely place at least 100 up and coming coders at companies across St. Louis.

The process is called pair programming and it puts an inexperienced coder with a coder that is well versed in the language, with the hope being the more seasoned programmer will bring the younger one up to speed.

Those inexperienced coders will work full-time with the veteran, and their company, for three months with the goal being a job at the end of the mentorship.

“We are going to fix a lot of the deficit that exists right now in the IT world for both the largest companies in St. Louis to the smallest startups,” McKelvey said. “We’re all having the same problem and this is a grand effort to change that region-wide in a very significant manner.”

By: St. Louis Business Journal

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