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Epicor ERP 10.2 Dashboards

Epicor ERP 10.2 Dashboard

Are your desktop icons arranged just the way you like them? Does your phone include your individual selection of apps? We have more power at our fingertips than ever before. It has never been easier for us to access the information we want, when and how we want it. However, people often find that the functionality and customization they enjoy on their personal devices aren’t included in the technology and software features at their workplace.

Epicor knows that people expect the technology at their workplace to be up to pace or even ahead of the pace of their own devices. That’s why Epicor has always led the field in building sophisticated dashboards that serve the specific purposes of each user. With version 10.2, Epicor ERP made its greatest strides yet in advancing the interface to empower users to get the most from their software. Its usability and insight suit manufacturers and distributors of all sizes. For small companies new to ERP, the intuitive dashboards are easy to learn and offer the insight necessary for business growth. For larger companies, mass amounts of data become manageable in an organized, customizable interface.

As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix understands these new and improved ERP dashboards inside and out. Here are the enhancements that everyone is talking about.

Personalized Home Page

One of the most important qualities to seek out in an enterprise software solution is usability. It sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes businesses become so enamored by all the available customizations and high-tech features that they lose sight of the whole purpose of ERP: to be used for better business performance. A comprehensive, easy-to-use interface goes a long way in promoting productivity.

Epicor ERP 10.2 takes usability to a whole new level with its Home Page. Since every worker has specific tasks, the home page is role-based and can be fully personalized to show the data each user needs. Data is displayed in the formats most meaningful for each user, with a variety of presentation styles from ordinary charts to warehouse maps. Employees can view real-time information using their choice of BAQ Metric tiles, enabling instant access to crucial data.

Considering that users are spending all day staring at their screens, wouldn’t it be nice if their displays looked attractive? Employees can customize the pallet, style and theme to match their individual tastes. Users can even place their company logo on their home page.

Incomparable Insight

Within this usable interface, employees can easily gain 360-degree insight into operations. Epicor’s business intelligence (BI) solution, Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), is embedded in the new home page to empower users with comprehensive tools for managing, sharing and cleaning data. Users can drill down into this data in a variety of ways. The system comes pre-loaded with home page KPIs that update in real time. The home page also dynamically displays data to enable users to drag their mouse to view historical data and predicted performance. Epicor 10.2 offers such easy access to BI features that users can enjoy both detailed insight into one area of performance and a high-level view of business processes. Such an interactive, comprehensive platform proves invaluable to manufacturers and value-added distributors for ensuring accuracy and planning for future growth.

Wrap Up

As digital technology expands at such a rapid pace, users expect more from their enterprise software. Epicor’s latest advances take dashboards to the next level, providing a user-friendly experience for employees from all ERP backgrounds. At Datix, we’re committed to helping mid-market enterprises gain the most functionality and insight from their ERP systems. We offer a comprehensive range of services: the fastest, easiest ERP implementations through our Quick Start packages; a variety of integrations through our landmark Unity solution; and continuing support for all ERP, eCommerce and CRM instances.

Interested in upgrading to Epicor 10.2? Or are you considering your first ERP implementation? Contact Datix’s premier software consultants for help with any of your ERP needs.


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