Integrate Software to Create a Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth

Why Connect Your Enterprise Software?

Something that every business has in common is data. But far too many businesses struggle to manage that data and transform it into actionable insights. In the age of big data, we see employees wasting time navigating ERP, CRM and several other systems, struggling to find what they’re looking for and often sacrificing their data integrity. Ultimately, a connected enterprise system may be the only way to effectively manage this information.

A connected enterprise is one that integrates software into a single data hub, where users across the organization can gain insight into business processes and customers. Having a connected enterprise allows businesses to strategically save time and money, mitigate risk and capitalize on new opportunities. When you integrate your software, you’re creating a single source of truth that powers your business’s efficiency and accuracy. Let’s go into more detail on the advantages of integrating front and back-end software into a streamlined system.

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Streamlined Business Processes

Modern customers require a rapid response from suppliers and vendors, and that expectation is growing. Software integration enables enterprises to provide seamless customer experiences and speed up service. By connecting software platforms, the margin for lead time can be significantly lessened. This makes everything easier and better for the business. Essentially, integration exists as a single line of data that is synced across systems, allowing for an uninterrupted flow throughout the value chain.

Over time, data has grown organically inside separate software systems, making the overall business system fairly complex. Integrated enterprise software lessens this complexity while providing new opportunities.

Improved Visibility

Adopting an integrated data model empowers users with a 360-degree view of the business, regardless of their department. When data is imported into ERP, for example, it instantly displays the same data in CRM. This allows sales reps to offer up-to-date information on orders, pricing, products and more to customers. Depending on the unique processes of your business, data can be queried from multiple entry points and posted in a simple format to reporting dashboards. Given the rapid change of today’s market, adopting a hands-off value center for decision makers is critical.

Better Data Quality

Enterprise interconnectivity pushes a firm to improve the quality of its data. For most businesses, data integrity is an issue. Generally, we find that an organization’s historical data will be unclean and incompatible with modern software. Systems should be free of irrelevant data and duplicate entries, as these only create risk and bog down processes. The best way to ensure that data remains purposeful, and is not duplicated or irrelevant, is to sync it across all departments. With data automatically updated throughout your digital platforms, there’s no longer a need for manual, duplicate data entries, meaning less human error and greater efficiency.

Wrap Up

A successful connected enterprise system provides a business with a single source of truth. Data is current and clean, duplicate entries are eliminated and workflows are streamlined. Each user possesses a full view of the enterprise and critical insights to optimize performance. By promoting greater convenience, data clarity and transparency, software integrations promote invaluable business improvements.

To achieve integration success, it is critical to find an expert integration partner who knows the ins and outs of the software you’re trying to connect.  With 20 years of experience in providing enterprise software solutions, Datix has the tools and knowledge to fulfill your integration goals. Our flagship integration platform, Unity, seamlessly connects Epicor ERP with a variety of front-end systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Salesforce, Magento and HubSpot. Unity is rapidly installed by our consultants  to instantly boost your business’s efficiency and visibility.

Learn more about software integration by downloading our e-book and contacting us today!

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