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One ERP system does not fit all industries. For that reason, when HVAC wholesalers go on the hunt for the right ERP distribution software to maintain smooth business processes, they must seek out a platform that can fulfill their complex needs. Every day, every hour, HVAC wholesalers take on new challenges that require speedy, accurate solutions to satisfy contractors and customers. To provide robust service, HVAC wholesalers need robust enterprise software. Below, we’ll explain the ERP features that your business can’t do without and demonstrate how Epicor elevates industry-specific processes.

Manage Inventory

Sure, comprehensive inventory management is key for any manufacturer or distributor. However, the seasonal demands of the HVAC wholesale industry add another layer of complexity to inventory control. Epicor ERP understands the nature of your industry, taking advantage of historical data from the previous year to create orders for seasonal items. This is no small advantage—many ERP systems produce reports based on the previous month, providing little help for a highly seasonal industry, but Epicor has the predictive analytics tools to enable accurate seasonal forecasting to help businesses control inventory.

Additionally, HVAC wholesalers need to stay on top of the latest products to draw in customers. Epicor tracks customer buying trends, so your company knows exactly what your customers want, when they want in. Using this insight, wholesalers can stock the appropriate products and avoid cluttering warehouses with excess inventory.

Satisfy Contractors

Whether it’s a thermostat for a house or air conditioning units for an apartment complex, HVAC wholesalers have to comply with a variety of consumer demands. Giving contractors what they want proves especially complicated. To execute huge projects, contractors need to not only receive all the necessary parts up front but also obtain material in stages and pay for it as it is received.

Meeting a tremendous array of needs requires a flexible ERP system, such as Epicor. For the intense demands of contractors, Epicor provides Lot Billing capabilities so you can deliver and bill the contractor for rough-in materials and then invoice finished goods later on. Plus, wholesalers can offer job-specific pricing schedules to automate payments and deliver the best value to contractors. Epicor’s functional Lot Billing and job-specific pricing tools satisfy both your employees and customers by easily streamlining processes.

Integrate Enterprise Software

Epicor ERP equips wholesalers with several features to meet consumer demand. In addition to job-specific pricing and Lot Billing, Epicor ensures you have all the information customers need at a moment’s notice. HVAC wholesalers can empty their file cabinets of piles of expanded parts lists and other crucial information by storing spec sheets, installation instructions and more directly in their ERP systems, providing greater organization and efficiency to serve customers.

However, ERP alone can only do so much. When it comes to helping customers on the spot during the morning rush, a CRM-ERP integration offers the efficiency and accuracy necessary to give customers what they want. HVAC wholesalers can’t afford mistakes in orders or data entries. Integrations mitigate risk by automating data collection between front and back offices, ensuring your store front has up-to-date information about products and inventory and eliminating the time and risk of manual data entries. Real-time data in an interconnected CRM and ERP system offers crucial insight, ensuring accurate shipments, access to order history at any time, appropriate product recommendations to customers and much more to smooth over business processes.

Wrap Up

For complex management and customer support, HVAC wholesalers can’t go without Epicor ERP. As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix offers the expertise to implement Epicor into your business processes for optimal performance. But at Datix, we know that we have to go beyond ERP to deliver the solutions that HVAC wholesalers need. We have the unique position of being partners with two CRM powerhouses: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. With knowledge of both CRM systems, we can work with you to determine which software best matches your customer relationship goals. Best of all, we also built Unity, an integration solution that will seamlessly connect a variety of software into a comprehensive platform. Through our one-of-a-kind tool, Datix merges CRM and ERP to form a robust system that enhances functionality and offers superior insight.

Want to learn more about Epicor and integrations for HVAC wholesalers? Contact our consultants today to get the answers to all of your enterprise software questions!


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